Bitcoin Just Dropped! 🔴4 Months Of Red. 🔴A Lot Of Uncertainty. HERE IS THE BULLISH CASE FOR BITCOIN!

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Because there is so much FEAR right now, In this video we go over different charts and metrics that show us Bitcoin has a bright future. Enjoy.

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Blockchain Charts

Number of #Bitcoin addresses holding more than 1000 $BTC

The number of addresses holding at least 10 Bitcoins recently hit an all-time high

21 Bitcoin charts from @coinmetrics that tell a different story.

Live Stock To Flow

Falsifying Stock-to-Flow As a Model of Bitcoin Value

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Bitcoin Just Dropped! 🔴4 Months Of Red. 🔴A Lot Of Uncertainty. HERE IS THE BULLISH CASE FOR BITCOIN!

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  1. My target hit. Bought 30% of my portfolio, I didn’t go all in though. My next target is $5500 where I will go all in. 🍻🍻

  2. More lower the price is going more buying opportunity….
    Are u buying any alts or only BTC ?
    Never lose faith in BTC…
    Your 10 min. Videos are awesome
    Respect ….

  3. its not a bull market in my eyes until it bounces from a higher low. even a rise to 14k from 3k can be a relief rally to correct all the way down below its last 3k bottom.

  4. I did this 2 years ago when it was going down. Every new low I thought was a great buying opportunity. It wasn’t. I’ve learned a lot in the last 2 years. Don’t let anyone fool you that BTC is about to rebound big. We are in a major down cycle. The death cross hasn’t even happened yet. This is the denial phase of the cycle. Wait and buy in the future. It’s going much lower.

  5. Added to BTC and ETH today good buying opportunity for long term investors. Been DCA since March when I started watching this channel.

  6. It’s still the best performing asset this year lmao

    People get way too emotional about bitcoin.

  7. I was watching u from early 2018, I appreciate your confidence. I lost hopes many times and every time I watch ur videos again want to stick to it.

  8. We hear what we wanna hear. I hodled all the way down from 2017 because of all these guys. 2018 would get much more bullish. bla bla bla… look at it now. Ofcourse sooner all later it will go up again. easy to say. patience is the key

  9. That’s really good! Make sure you are making your own decisions. You know, use our channel as a starting off point.

  10. I’m actually getting to the point where my heart sinks when BTC spikes and I get excited when it dips. I figure I have properly brainwashed myself to systematically buy every dip I can.

  11. I am looking at a 3+ year hold and trying to obtain a certain number of BTC before my retirement. This is just another chance to buy at a lower price and add to my total. Not looking at short term

  12. What you need is a strategy and discipline.
    I was waiting for the dump. Now I bought. Will I be mad at myself if it dumps even more? No, bc I sticked to my plan so I am all good.

  13. myHDRphotography Thank you very much for taking the time out to explain that. Really helps me (and I’m sure others) keep everything in perspective.

  14. @Alex Tolfree I will because I didn’t go all in at @$13k ,$12k,even $9k like you did listening to all moon boys .

  15. @nerdexproject I form a new strategy every time when I realize it will be the last chance I could buy it for sub X k.

  16. I heard one person say it might hit 5.5k on fib retrace on log chart. I have no idea what that even means lol….

  17. What fear??!!!! It was as low as $3,200 earlier in the year!! It’s still over 100% higher than that! As soon as it sneezes people start talking of “fear”..????

  18. I guess the question, if you’re an investor… not a trader, is whether you believe in the project or not. If you change your view from the hourly or daily to the monthly view… things change. I’m in this for the 10 year timeframe and the tech is sound. I’ll start selling if BTC is determined a failed technology.

  19. Is it possible that institutions, corporations and the rich are buying up all they can from OTC and directly from miners so that it doesn’t hit the market to suppress the price? Just a thought………..

  20. Excellent post. There’s ZERO guarantee this is going to come back anytime soon. I’m sure it will someday, but I doubt it’ll go as high as people think (1 million per BTC is delusional bullshit).

  21. Some of the Elliot Wave guys like Jim of All Trades have nailed almost every dump using Fibs for the last several months. In my opinion TA does work, and Elliot Wave done right is the best method. It’s a steep learning curve though

  22. Thank you Erin!!! You put out a mighty fine video packed with useful information. 💥🚀🐂🐂🐂

  23. @Jeff Rude surprisingly unlike the dips from 2017 to before this last bull run… I didn’t feel this dip at all emotionally. I’m actually a little excited 😁

  24. @Lee RIchmond Definitely punched it in the mouth, however I would probably assume if they were ever able to obtain actual “full control”, they would ban it. (Why let an asset with the potential to change the global monetary system hurt our/their fiat’s true value when lets say the price of a bitcoin was to hit 100k+ per coin and 80% of the current holders sell because they are not using it as a currency but as a investment opportunity?..) That’s how I have been trying to look at his from their perspective.

    I’m a huge bull, however I think we all got a reality check this morning in regards to how this asset could play out in the future. (Potentially)

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