Bitcoin is Up!! Is It TOO LATE To INVEST? July 2018 [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin, Crypto News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

In this video, I welcome all of you to the channel and then we discuss the ultimate question. Is it too late to to invest in Bitcoin? Watch the video.

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**Not a financial adviser. Just opinion. Do your own research!!!

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Bitcoin is Up!! Is It TOO LATE To INVEST? July 2018 [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin, Crypto News]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Hi, I own some altcoins but I don’t have any BTC. Should I own 1 BTC first and than invest in altcoins. What do you think?

  2. I’m 49 years old. This video is awesome. I wanted to get in bitcoin but I didn’t because of the top two reasons why in the article. March 2018, I said the heck with it. I got on coinbase and bought bitcoin. Then, I find channels like yours, and now I’m got BTC, TRX, ADA and ETC (and will dump after they get in coinbase) bottom line, I’m showing this video to my friends since they won’t listen to me. Keep it up!

  3. Exactly! Bitcoin will be the investment and we use other coins, with shops offering discounts if buy with certain tokens.

  4. +New Direction Yeah these are good picks I guess. I was more focused on smaller altcoins with 100m market cap or less. Ethos, Powerledger and Substratum have been around for some time so you’ll probably do just fine. My picks are Wax, Nuls and RavenCoin. That 3rd one is probably a huge gamble but I don’t really care.

  5. Yes it is. Altcoin buzz use to review altcoins on a daily basis and cause mass influence the alt coin would explode.

  6. NFA, but my portfolio is 32% BTC, 10% each ADA, NEO, and XLM with other alt coins making up the rest.

  7. Bitcoin has been around for a decade. It’s been through multiple law suits. It has survived mega sceptism. And now, many companies are forming relationships. It’s now on the news and being talked about in the financial market. We are moving forward not backwards.

    Bitcoin is a storage coin and it will be the coin that allows the system to cross over such as retirement type fund companies. It’s the most stable company/coin IMO. And when the time comes for greater adoption, this will be the coin they choose. People and companies want stability and security. Not just that but people will go with familiarity.

    Check out the talking points Crypto Crow makes in a video titled Bitcoin to $280,000? I don’t think it’s going to happen soon but listen to the points he makes. It’s quite interesting when it comes to these companies begin investing their clients money into cryptocurrency. People will begin diversifying their portfolio into Bitcoin IMO.

  8. Bitcoin Diamond is always randomly getting pumped to like 90% then back down, once a while back on Kucoin it was up 4,000% and Kucoin send a message out to warn people of it.

  9. i tried to join like 10 months back and would never even get the confirmation emails to join lmao.

  10. It’s for a Reason!!!! The corrupt government knows they can’t put crypto out there on the front line!!!! That’s like telling ppl the lucky numbers on a lottery power Ball ticket!!!! Which is messed up, & because ppl will quit there jobs on site!!! Who TF gonna Work 😂

  11. I got scammed from hitbit hope they get shut down!!! My tokens vanished, and no help from support

  12. same here. i feel like were not dong this right.. we are the minority.. im thinking of bailing on some for straight BTC

  13. why are you so silent on stellar lumens news… so much has been going on with stellar lately… are you just quietly investing in the best crypto and trying to keep it secret?

  14. Your subject matter is interesting. If I may add a suggestion: Try to minimize clicking backing and forth as much so viewers have time to check out stats you pull up. Thanks, looking forward to more great content.

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