‘Bitcoin Is THE BEST Savings Vehicle Of All Time’ | Cory Klippsten CEO Swan Bitcoin Interview


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Cory Klippsten is the CEO of Swan Bitcoin. Swan Bitcoin is one of the easiest most affordable ways to buy bitcoin in the US. Today Cory joins us to talk bitcoin, Swan Bitcoin, and his personal philosophies in the space.

Note: Big thanks to Cory Klippsten for coming on our show. DO NOT WATCH if you’re triggered by bitcoin maxamilist views (or different opinions in general). We asked Cory on because we wanted him to SHARE his ideas.

We will continue to bring on different people (with different opinions).

Enjoy the interview. Let me know what you think in the comments.

0:00 – Intro (Who Is Cory?)
4:03 – Bitcoin take 99% crypto market cap?
4:32 – Ethereum ecosystem
6:24 – Most excited about ending the year?
8:40 – This space is changing QUICKLY
10:36 – Why a customer would choose Swan?
11:41 – How are Swan fees SO CHEAP?
15:38 – Sign-up for Swan Get $10 (LINK BELOW)
16:32 – New-coiners NEED to understand this
18:36 – Bitcoin & TikTok
19:13 – Bitcoin’s MASS perception shift is coming?
24:27 – This cycle people understand bitcoin A LOT BETTER?
26:52 – Bitcoin’s Stock to Flow… Fake?
32:23 – Understand bitcoin deeply. Don’t fall for false narratives.
32:41 – It’s ONLY a matter of time.
36:01 – Bitcoin’s Lindy Effect | Anti-fragile
39:53 – Bitcoin owners are setting themselves up FOR LIFE?
41:23 – Not too late to get 1 Bitcoin
41:52 – Only a matter of time 🚀| Cannot be stopped!
44:51 – You invest bitcoin businesses | What do you look for?
46:16 – What Is Coming Up For Swan?
53:08 – Thanks Cory!

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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‘Bitcoin Is THE BEST Savings Vehicle Of All Time’ | Cory Klippsten CEO Swan Bitcoin Interview

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  1. isn’t this the clown trying to doxx PlanB (who he is making the argument against)? makes me devalue his opinion – no matter what his credentials are.

  2. Ahh I heard about that. Its this guy? You can not like someones model but sheesh that’s foul lol smh

  3. Same old tripe being spewed by a BTC maximalist. And I have done my research on Cory.

  4. Seems a genuine guy. I’ve always been sceptical that bitcoin would go up because a chart says so. Waiting for the general crypto narrative to change now. Love BTC 😍

  5. Only clown now is PlanB and his chart……And please, don’t hit me with the tweet he spewed out yesterday….His chart is wrong….Period the end…..

  6. Holy damn, this dude just calls things out as they are. Thanks for the info in this video, super valuable! Time to get smart <3

  7. Some of the older generations will never know what is Bitcoin…this is only for young people and is shocking to see still 20 years old people that have no idea what is Bitcoin or crypto currencies..great video guys

  8. I signed up giving this a try. How many servers do they have if the internet goes down? Nothing is secure

  9. what is the name of the book Cory talked about.that book that explains bitcoin in a very straight forward educational way?

  10. I am female, 45, mother of two kids, german and I started to interest myself for Bitcoin just before the Corona crisis started. And during the Corona crash I used the crash dip to buy 3,35 BTC and I had a hard time figuring all this new technical stuff out but I managed to get an exchange account and also figured that out with these “wallets” – completely new world for me….but I am glad that I did it. Germany, unfortunately, is still bitcoin desert…..

    I think it depends on your consciousness. When you have already “woken up” to fake history, fiat money treason, politics etc. the step to Bitcoin is not that long. But for people that still are completely sleeping, ignorant of everything, it will be almost impossible that these buy bitcoin because of their mindset or lack of consciousness. So it is only a matter of time that enough people wake up for BTC to be more valued.

  11. Man I love you guys and that dude just blew up all bitcoin fakers. W2G bringing that interview to the public! Great job fellas! Much love and Go Lakers stay home fakers!!

  12. He has since come out with a public apology so I suggest you attempt staying up to date with developments surrounding the incident. In my opinion, Yes the model should be critiqued, and if the model is questionable then yes, the underlying methodology and individual behind the model should be critiqued. Peer-review is the gold standard of trust in academia.

  13. runningrock124 rather than engage with the substance of the underlying argument, you seem to resort to ad hominem, and in the very same breath denounce acts of ad hom. Looks a little hypocritical from where I stand.

  14. GREAT interview guys!! Saw the clip earlier and was really looking forward to the full pie. It did not disappoint!! Thanks

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