Bitcoin is DANGEROUSLY close to Capitulation! Plus XRP and Cardano Announcements!

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Bitcoin Price Nearing ‘Capitulation Moment’: IG Market Analyst

Bitcoin Crash Charts

Cardano Tweet

Charles Hoskinson Brings Smart Contract Innovation to Cardano

Confirmed: American Express (AXP) Is Officially Using Ripple’s xCurrent – XRP News Today

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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Bitcoin is DANGEROUSLY close to Capitulation! Plus XRP and Cardano Announcements!


  1. +Altcoin Dailyyou guys usually post in the middle of the night, so I listen while trying to wake up. Great to listen while I am actually conscious! 😁

  2. I buy what I can, with extra money I can afford to lose. For the newbies, I think now is a good time to invest, but do it with money you can afford to lose. People will tell not to invest and it’s a scam, but they fully dont understand crypto. Never set a limit on your potential to achieve and be safe. Also check out the YouTube channel Learn How to Build an Income Online with Richard James.

  3. +Sandy O heyy great. Yeah, I was compelled to release tomorrows vid a little early today. We will see how people respond

  4. I’ll be making videos. I did say we would go down to 2k near the middle of the video. Did you watch the whole thing?

  5. Yeah, I was in bitcoin back then. I bought all 2014 and that final crash in January made me so sick that I didn’t buy that month. After January it looked to me like it had bottomed so I resumed buying. Yes yes I know, I should be bitcoin retired by now but I made a few mistakes along the way that derailed that option. So I kept my mechanic job and I’m continuing to buy.

  6. @Altcoin Daily, But how come unlike the other crashes this one seems a bit different? In other words was there widespread panic back in 2013-2015 as well?

  7. +Altcoin Daily A few minutes in then i had the urge to go on coin base to buy Lite Coin i will watch the rest of your video now……

  8. I’ve been listening to what everyone’s been saying. Lots of people are saying 3k and some people are saying 1-1.5k. Tbh I think we could be in capitulation, I think the lowest point will be 2.5-2.8k in the despondency stage.

    The other thing to consider is the biggest red volume candle of all time which would say we are in capitulation. We haven’t seen that, but we have seen the big red volume candles recently from this year. Maybe that’s as big as it’s getting?

    I feel like people are holding out for the bottom and it’s kinda already here.

    If I’m right and we are in capitulation then I don’t think this downward / sideways trend will last much longer. Maybe till February before we start heading back up towards 5-6k.

    I was hoping it would last for longer because I really want to buy some more in the new year and can’t afford it right now. I bought a little at 4K though which I’m really happy with.

  9. BTC = $850
    XRP = $0.06
    XLM = $0.005
    LTC = $10.5
    ETH = $30.5
    This is when capitulation will take hold. Bitcoin will need to be under and Oz of Gold, and Litcoin will be under an Oz of Silver.

  10. Just want to say thanks for good content. There’s a lot of channels that do crypto news updates but a lot of them are just regurgitating the same 💩

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  12. Austin, I have been in the markets since the late 1980s and through two major crashes. Capitulation is not an event. It is not something in the charts (although it can be reflected in it). It is sentiment…It is when the market in general basically gives up the ghost and once this happens it bottoms out fairly quickly due to the low volume and then it typically goes back up and gains some ground fairly quickly (although everyone predicts it will keep falling). I witnessed this is masse in the dot com bubble. It is happening with BTC. All the BTC to 1500 and zero talk and the massively low volume (and the flash crashes in ETH and ENG we had a couple of weeks ago) are signs we are about there. IMHO. So, I think you may be on to something…

  13. ManagerMr if we see these prices im going to cry w joy. I will able to finally buy a whole bitcoin😂😂😂

  14. biasa saja I told everybody to sell at 5k and get out while you still can …soon is the time to buy back in. I hope everyone listened to me!

  15. We were just there for less than 2 days for business. Didn’t meet any crypto people. that i know of. but hopefully next time

  16. I think we will bounce off 3k to 6k before 31 Dec 18. That will be a dead cat bounce and we will head back down breaking 3k support to 1.8k finding support at 2k and the bull market may happen in Q1 2019 where we break 10k and find support on 10k and retail fomo in.

  17. @altcoin daily. American express using XCurrent doesn’t have anything to do with XRP. XRapid uses XRP. XVia and XCurrent do not. The plan is to introduce institutions to ripples products and ease them into XRapid.

  18. It’s not that weak hands are selling. It’s the governments who can loose as much as money it takes to kill it. They got no shortage of money. They buying OTC and selling on exchanges. This is conspiracy against bitcoin. This is not organic fall of BTC.

  19. I think mentally people should get ready for a prolonged bear market. It could easily go a bit down and sideways until 2020-2021. I dont see BTC under 1000 dollars under any circumstances though.

  20. Those preformulated answers are so blatant ffs. Stop trying to scam like that, you are preying on the dimwitted whom already don’t have much money.


  22. I like ADA too, i see from a pure investment stand point that investing in ADA and XRP will hopefully have better return than bitcoin, but Bitcoin is the flagship

  23. Ryan Rathbun The problem is we don’t know we’re there bottom is, it’s heading to 3000$ but in a few days or week it could be 2800$ or less I would tell newbies to hold out a little longer I wouldn’t buy at 3000$ when you’ll get a better deal by just waiting a extra week.

  24. R C The people who invested massive amounts before the prior btc moon and didn’t sell when the market was high and kept holding on are idiots and deserve to lose all their money I’m sorry. How volatile the crypto market is you hit it and quit it but never hold on you’ll get eaten alive just like that are now. So instead of selling when they had the chance when btc moon’d now they’re selling low cause they waited too long. Now is the season to buy mid 2019 to 2020 has a possibility to moon or we might see a bull run starting mid 2019 but it can go either way at this point. All I know is that it’s a buyers market.

  25. BTC is reverting to the mean. There is support at 2k that may spark a shortable “fade” but not likely to be a bottom. Volatility has to subside before BTC is a buy at likely a much lower price than 2K.

  26. So what you’re saying is they are buying newly created Bitcoin and selling on exchanges? If so, at some point that shouldn’t affect the price would it?

  27. +Jeff Schultz It will drive prices down … they have kept silver down in price vs fiat for decades, if not longer. Silver is and has been suppressed, price wise, via paper contracts or derivates, where they can buy and sell way more silver than actually exists.

  28. It is possible that BTC, crypto, et al, go to infinity in fiat terms, once fiat crashes… Watch Deutsche bank – that could be the start of the central bank implosion.

  29. +farsh cage it allows for integration with xrapid. Xcurrent 4.0 as a stand alone doesn’t use xrapid, or XRP for that matter

  30. I agree with this. There has been no sign of buyers stepping in yet, the market is in total control of the sellers right now. Buyers at the 3200 level didnt even make it past 3600, from there it made only lower highs. Right now the chart tells btc is going to move down, a short bounce can happen if buyers can hold 3000 level. Then a triangle will form and we have to see if it moves up, but it will only be retracement not a turning of trend. Turning of trend will come after we had elliot wave 5, right now we are in 3 with rectracement going to be 4, wave 5 might hit 2000.

  31. The easiest way to score a goal in football is a penalty, but it depends on who’s taking the penalty. Trading is all about hooking up with professionals. I know Mr Earl is up to the task.

  32. paul lunney don’t panic, I trade everyday but I have a strategy that really assists me, don’t know if I should call it a strategy, but it’s very efficient

  33. VentionMGTOW I get scared too , but I believe there’s always a silver lining . Be good at what you are best

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