Bitcoin Is At A Critical Zone [Market Analysis/Cryptocurrency News]

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Visualization Of All Bitcoin Crashes

Longest Bear Market In History Tweet

SEC now have until OCTOBER to make ETF decision – will it ever get approved?

SEC now have until OCTOBER to make ETF decision – will it ever get approved? from CryptoCurrency

Crypto Exchange Web Traffic Holding Strong Through Bear Market

Wyoming Passes Bill to Recognize Cryptocurrencies as Money

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Bitcoin Is At A Critical Zone [Market Analysis/Cryptocurrency News]


  1. Have Patience, follow the money, have strength in our own beliefs and convictions it will pay off, we are still early adopters peace out x

  2. Another excellent video. Quickly becoming one of the daily must watch YT’s with Modern Investor and Crypto Kirby.

    Seriously though…a printed Bitcoin mag? Who do they think their audience is? 99% of the BTC target audience hasn’t held a magazine or newspaper in 5 years if ever. Do they really think Boomers are going to buy BTC before it FOMO’s again.

  3. I don’t understand why people are seeing bottom of 2015 and 2019 it’s like almost 4 years difffence it’s like calculating inflation rate for fiat. This simply means people who are into crypto space don’t understand what exactly bitcoin does. You gotta Fix one thing if it goes down or it goes up.. If therr is adoption it goes up if its going down for fun then explain that

  4. I have a core principle do the right thing for selfish reasons it always applies.It is possible bitcoin was always intended to be the new world reserve.

  5. Has bitcoin EVER gone significantly under the 200 weekly moving average? No. Bottom is here imo.

  6. James, the printed word never sleeps nor crashes and on a coffee table at your local hair stylist or in a garage waiting room it only competes for attention with maybe one t.v. channel and a few other mag’s rather than every other website or video thumbnail.
    Paper still appeals to the more mature audience who can still read and write who know people who know more people who still talk to each other over the garden fence – and have the time to do so. That’s how mass adoption will happen.

  7. lovely video, resistance is quite strong and there has been rejection already like 3x but some positive signs still show anyways in my personal opinion, bitcoin if its able to break above $4,300 may quickly see us into the $6,000 range again. Nevertheless, crypto has shocked us in the past especially the last year with predictions of price that went completely wrong. I hope to see more proponents for trading which obviously has been a more secure consistent and profitable means of earning off crypto. It has also been proven over and over again that winning in Crypto currency (Bitcoin Trading) is a combination of experience and good strategy and you can always join the winning team of a more experienced trader with already working and proven strategy. One of the best remains Erik T. schulz and with him, i have been successful in my trades at least 98% of the times and have realized over $60,000 in profit, December 2018 alone so i advice you forget predictions and start making good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. For all questions reach **< >*and gain more with little experience.

  8. Thanks for your great, informative and interesting videos. I’m enjoying them a lot. Everyone is scared and I’m over here staring at these discounts and beating off,I’m so damn excited. Iv been waiting for this for months. Absolutely there’s no room for emotions in this game,Buy the dip and trade. It’s that simple. Christmas came early, As the price continues to drop as I hope it does, I will continue to buy more of this. I do not believe crypto is going to zero. I do believe at some point when the recovery starts and the bull market starts there is going to be a massive upswing in the price and people will look back at this time and these prices and be shocked at how little they could have bought a lot of what they sold out of panic , I have been trading with WALTER Excellent strategy and I have been getting the best from it ever since my 5months in contact with him, you don’t have to wait for an Upswing before making profits, you will end up loosing if you don’t find a way out on time,Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, get to more info about My Coach on his mail ( Number +1-323-776-6410

  9. Walter taught me the basic things i needed to know and then we had real life trading practicals, now i trade by my self

  10. +npc283283283
    It’s not the one world currency the banksters wanted. It’s the one we want. The banksters want to be able to seize wealth and delete people’s access to the financial system whenever they want. They can’t do that with bitcoin.

  11. I am winning what I believed was inconceivable, rather than questioning, get in touch with him and see for yourself

  12. So many people told me there was no profit in trading, Walter has helped me proved them wrong cause i have made 4.5 bitcoins in three week trading through Mr Walter’s signals

  13. SupraSmart68 totally disagree. The target audience you reference will be the latest of joiners after mass adoption. Mass adoption will happen as Millenials (of whom there are just as many as Boomers) begin to invest in retirement. The number of Boomers who invest in crypto will be negligible. Among my generation, GenX, there will be 20% adoption before Mass Adoption…but there is 12% fewer of us than Boomers or Millenials.

    Printed word crypto news is marginally more effective than taking paper money and setting it on fire.

  14. need help for btc bottom….i have one tool to pick all top and bottoms of btc…market cycles….not for day trading.

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