Bitcoin Is Actually Looking More Bullish. See What On-Chain Experts Say! [Murad Mahmudov, Willy Woo]

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Let’s talk about the difference between TA experts vs On-Chain experts… because there is a big difference.

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Trading Bitcoin w/ Willy Woo, Murad Mahmudov & David Puell – $BTC Up or Down!

Trading Bitcoin w/ Willy Woo, Murad Mahmudov & David Puell – $BTC Up or Down!

Crypto Duel: Breaking Down Bitcoin | Eric Crown & Mati Greenspan

Crypto Duel: Breaking Down Bitcoin | Eric Crown & Mati Greenspan

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Bitcoin Is Actually Looking More Bullish. See What On-Chain Experts Say! [Murad Mahmudov, Willy Woo]

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  1. Hey Altcoin Daily. Really love your content. Im a daily watcher and your information to me has been invaluable. In my opinion Krown has the most balanced/neutral perspective currently on youtube in regards to the movements of Bitcoin. He does an amazing job in laying out BOTH the bullish/bearish perspectives. He also has a very substantial HODL position which he has talked about various times on his channel while stating he IS long term bullish on bitcoin. Krown has also stated multiple times on his channel that if we were to break down instead of up the high 6 thousands is the LOWEST he thinks it would go and that he would expect a trend reversal at any of the significant resistance level/EMA’s. His view of the market is realistically while being reactive.
    Again I really love your content man. Just trying to bring some clarity to the views and to give Krown credit for his actual stance on where bitcoin is going.
    Gave you a like on the VID 😉

  2. Krown said if it doesnt close above 10100 it would go down so theres that also not to mention he brought up the fact that the fed was dropping rates by a quarter percent before it happened and that would affect price somewhat as well as bakkt launching on monday so yes he does know about all these aspects of trading and he is also by far the best TA out there

  3. Some of the best names in crypto. Great job I like Eric style for TA. I also love Bob Lucas for the cycles. It all sounds good

  4. fyi, willy woo indicator was so wrong at 4K, he was saying it was going lower, it exploded higher, if you looked at TA- it was indicating higher prices. Whales move the market. I do disagree with Krown that in a consolidation from existing up move, 3K to 14K, that it will lead to higher prices. So i think we explode higher within the next 7-10 days.. 25% chance, We might revisit 9K level first though, not going beyond that level on a “Closed” candle. maybe wick down to 8,700, but that’s it and it will be short lived. Krown said he does have a big hodl position.

  5. Eric Krown is actually using TA, these guys are sitting on a couch pulling percentages out of thin air…….

  6. Finally krown is not calling the direction and his positions is flat. RN until bitcoin breaks and confirms a level.

  7. Most probable scenario will be a fast wick down to wreck the noobs who are going long before a confirmed breakout of the pattern. The amount of people waiting for this move to the mid 8,000s is probably massive and I can hear the cries for help as orders do not get filled, forcing people to either buy in at higher prices or continue to sit on the sidelines. I personally have been all in since April after only a few months of knowing what Bitcoin was. So…. Don’t get rekt. Cheers.

  8. That Dad – what?! Do I have time to babysit? I don’t need to nurture. We both know they’ll come regardless. There won’t be a choice! Only kids deserve those soft baby wipes you want me to use 🤣😂

  9. @Carlos Romero Wish I had 10% of his money! When was the last time you jetted all over the world doing something useful?

  10. @PoopCoin Patrick I can read charts, it’s still a legitimate question? No one “Knows” what the price will do, anything could happen.

  11. Frank Inglis – it could. But descending triangle is most likely to occur. But not lasting long. This bull market won’t be denied. This year for the first time, there has been correlations with stock market outflows. From around the world. Even the US. So either way. Buying now and rest at ease would be fine for any investor. But for more astute investors, scaling into target pricing or some leveraged trades is better.

  12. Tone vays during the whole bear market was OTT bear & murad is too much an excited bull all the time. Need balance. I go with Bob Loukas and planb.

  13. willy woo looks more into things and has a very interesting mind in my point of view. I pay attention to what he says

  14. Crown fucked up to. He talk allot and have an idea of everything going up. I think he is very immature. But funny and good entertainment.

  15. You’re paying a premium but each share is tied to a fraction of a bitcoin and total holdings. You have a piece AND (speculating) at some point you may get dividends as well….without needing to stake. I believe bitcoin holding bitcoin the asset will be diversified in the future. Shares, coin, ETF, paper receipts, (there’s even an actual bitCOIN).

  16. Isn’t this the same thing all the other Youtubers: cryptozombie, crypto savy, cryptotv, are all saying? I’m bullish.

  17. @Bjørn exactly, he talks too much(is that necessary ?), i tried to follow the guy a year ago, but i couldn’t watch a single video without having a huge headache, at some time you have to stop watching him(usually after 5 minutes for me). i don’t understand what people see in him(or in what he says)

  18. Matthew Anderson— I was just about to write the same thing about Krown. Thanks for clarifying that for everyone. Krown is quite balanced and transparent and a great TA source for Bitcoin. And I also love the content on this channel of course— thanks for another terrific video.

  19. Tone Vays is a very good trader. Granted, he has been wrong many times, but after watching his videos I change my mind about him. The man has his own set of tools, which will not always get the right results, like any set of tools, but it’s good enough to be profitable, with proper risk management, and at the end of the day that’s what matters. I would much rather learn with what each person has to offer than make blanket statements saying they have no clue.

    (If you are referring to his 1.3k bearish target though, then I have to agree with you, he has never had a clue about that…)

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