Is Bitcoin a Project of US Intelligence ?

The point of view from Natalya Kaspersky:  Bitcoin is a Project of US Intelligence

InfoWatch’s general director and Kaspersky Lab’s co-founder, Natalya Kaspersky, speaking at ITMO St.Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics on January 18 named bitcoin the development of US intelligence services. Kasperskaya spoke at the university as part of the opening ceremony of the ITMO-InfoWatch training center. Her presentation was devoted to information wars and digital sovereignty.

“Bitcoin is the development of American intelligence services with the aim of quickly financing intelligence services in the United States, Britain and Canada in various countries. “Privatized”, just like the Internet, GPS, TOR. In fact – the “dollar 2.0″. The control of the exchange rate is in the hands of the owners of exchanges.”  – from the presentation of Natalia Kaspersky

Bitcoin is a Project of US Intelligence

From the facebook of Natalya Kaspersky 19 January 2018

Today i received a large number of requests from journalists on the topic of my yesterday’s speech at ITMO and statements on bitcoin. I want to clarify my position on this issue.

1. At the presentation, I reported my point of view. The fact that bitcoin is essentially a military development is not a dogma, but one of the most probable versions that has a right to life, if only because it is based not only on well-known facts, but is also confirmed by many specialists in the field of infobase safety. But I’m not worried about this, but how they interpret my words, missing out on them the very essence.

2. All those who ask me today are interested in whose development it is. I am sure that this is not the most important issue. For example, the Internet was originally developed by the US military under their own goals and objectives. And only later it was commercialized, and today the whole world uses the Internet and services based on it. At the same time, the Internet has brought a lot of threats, which we are now trying hard to sterilize.

3. Now regarding bitcoin. Evangelists of this technology talk every day about how fast the course of bitcoin is growing and how quickly it can be enriched on it. I consider bitcoin, like any other technology, from the point of view of the safety of its use in the country. If you compare bitcoin with any other currency, for example, the dollar, then there are three obvious differences.

a. There is no control over the conduct of payments or transactions. Bitcoin may well pay (and pay for) prohibited services, such as drugs or prostitution, pedophilia or murders. And this is not controlled and regulated.
b. Bitcoin is not subject to control or regulation. It is not protected in any way. If a crypto-purse is stolen, then where to run? At whom to seek protection?
c. The cost of bitcoin is completely speculative and resembles the financial pyramids. Actually, the last drop in the cost of bitcoin has already caused a semblance of panic among the speculators.

For this reason, I do not consider bitcoin is a safe technology for domestic use. I note that this statement does not apply to the technology of blocking, on which it is built. We generally need to carefully consider all such technologies, analyzing the risks and threats before introducing them into the real economy.