Bitcoin Dangerously Close To Going Parabolic in 2021 | Europe & Venezuela Get Serious [MUST WATCH]

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What is your best bitcoin and cryptocurrency price prediction for 2021? Today we discuss bitcoin price, polkadot cryptocurrency, chainlink, ethereum, & MORE of the latest cryptocurrency news!

What do you think? What impact will this decision have in 2021?

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How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020 | What is Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2020

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00:00 Bitcoin Realized Cap ATH
02:50 Polkadot
05:47 European Union
07:36 Venezuela
09:15 Ocean Protocol
10:45 Final Thoughts

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Bitcoin Dangerously Close To Going Parabolic in 2021 | Europe & Venezuela Get Serious [MUST WATCH]

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  1. BTC is up this year. BTC is outperforming the S&P and Gold this year. Somebody has been accumulating. Just reporting the news 👍

  2. Just remove the Venezuelan news and it is a good video. Venezuelan government is the must corrupted one in history, Venezuela is not even producing gasoline anymore!!! No gasoline in the country! Only drugs trafficking, cocaine, killing and corruption.

  3. Venezuela doesn’t even have enough energy for the people and industries.. imagine cripto mining

  4. Bitcoin is the future, investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

  5. I believe in Crypto…I’m not worried, I know in the end it’s going to go higher than I ever imagined.

  6. question????? BTC the market cap of the coin is about 190 billion dollars…. that is pocket change for the federal reserve…… they could take control of the bit coin market if they ever felt it was necessary …. there is nothing stopping this from happening….. the fed and central bankers are in control of the world…. you can’t get around it.. what are your thoughts on this???

  7. Most people remain poor because friends and family discouraged and advised them against investing because they think so, while the wise ones keep investing and growing higher financially

  8. @milo74156 And stocks aren’t? How is the FEDs buying up as much as they can and a bunch of companies doing stock buy backs not manipulation. All markets are manipulated. However just because they are manipulated doesn’t rule out fundamentals and technicals. A whale can dump only so many coins before he either runs out or it gets bought up from underneath him.

  9. And my prediction is the Venezuelan Govt with only pay it’s crypto miners IF the Govt determines there has been an “operational profit”. oddly enough, there will never be an “operational profit”…can see that coming a mile away!!

  10. 🧡💛💚💙 A great video showing that, whilst the short-term price is dropping, the fundamentals remain as strong as ever. 🧡💛💚💙

  11. @Altcoin Daily why do people Say hodl and not hold ? I’m new to all this crypto… One question I have is at the moment I have a small amount of btc saved on a ledger nano s… 1 is it safe 2 if after say 3 yrs I want to sell the btc Do I have to send it back from the ledger nano to a wallet within an app like coinbase or etoro to sell… Thanks for any help.

  12. @pete james From what I’ve seen on other channels it’s from someone a few years ago mispelling ‘HOLDING’ in sheer excitement and said ‘IM HODLING’ and it’s stuck. Even if this isn’t the actual history of the term, I’d like to think it is haha Happy Hodling!

  13. I would think about this, I really need to invest in crypto before it rises again…and I need another source of income currently

  14. So many people are making good profit from bitcoins investment😱
    I feel like to quit my job and start working on my self

  15. Very good insight, you are 100% accurate. but its also about zero access to finance. Most people struggle to get finance for innovation or business and so banking sector is broken completely. get rid of this corrupt crap banking system by going crypto.

  16. Cardano is the Future! It was scientifically peerrevied too improve security, scalability and usability. Cardano tries to solve the problems other cryptocurrencies have. Bitcoin has no advantages than to be the first…

  17. @Tay-K It Home You are the last person witch deserves some,don’t invest and cut the crap..fool

  18. Think about all the embargoes Amerikkka has on them. They can’t even use their own money and gold from the bank of England because Amerikkka said so please do your research we all see the games being played there American imperialism has to stop

  19. Patou Jean omg… you are sooo ignorant. I am Venezuelan my friend. I invite you to take some vacations to Caracas… please do so, but first, give your ledger to any family member, do not take it with you! 😉

  20. Patou Jean Venezuela has petrol for 200 years and the government stop producing it because of corruption. All machinery is destroyed because instead of maintaining the system the last 25 years (with the same government) they got all the money. Venezuelan government is damaging cryptocurrency reputation every time ignorant youtubers talk about it. I believe in cryptos but I would never believe in Venezuelan government and its corruption. The problem I just explained is 1 of a million but it shows you clearly that it does not have anything to do with any external country!!!

  21. You mean they could buy almost all bitcoins? I don’t think so because there is a big and strong community supporting bitcoin. They won’t sell their BTC when the price goes higher and higher. If Central Banks would try to buy as many BTC as possible, market Cap won’t be at 190 billions anymore

  22. pinksock133 They control the price of everything algorithms PMS should be sky rocketing why isn’t it. look how much money they put into the 5 biggest stocks just to keep the market moving, don’t be fooled into thinking technicals are real it’s only real until they aren’t and soon it won’t be

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