Big Things are Happening in Cryptocurrency! Vechain | Cardano | Zcash | China [Bitcoin News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, China, Visa, Zcash, Vechain and Cardano. BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

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Chinese Civil Court Rules Bitcoin as Legally Protected Property

Visa CEO: Crypto is Not a Big Threat But if Needed, We Will Support it

Zcash's Next Upgrade to Make Private Transactions 100x Lighter and 6x Faster

Zcash’s Next Upgrade to Make Private Transactions 100x Lighter and 6x Faster

VeChain Signs MoU for Blockchain Development with Cyprus

VeChain Brings Blockchain to Adidas and High-End Shoe Artist

VeChain Brings Blockchain to Adidas and High-End Shoe Artist Commissioned by Nike and Kobe Bryant

Cardano [ADA]’s Hoskinson to Cardano Foundation: If you’re afraid of risk, get your cowardly ass out

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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Big Things are Happening in Cryptocurrency! Vechain | Cardano | Zcash | China [Bitcoin News]

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  1. VeChain is the truth!!! Honestly the partnerships they have are amazing & the ecosystem that they are creating through blockchain is going to change the world as we know it & the USA has no idea as this is an alternative for us here. But please DYOR if you read this & remember TimeIsCrypto Peace…
    #VeChain #TimeIsCrypto

  2. Charles is not that mild mannered, this is a cut throat business, don’t be fooled. I’m glad he has a pair, makes me feel better and more confident about the project.

  3. CARDANO is an AWESOME project and their tech is massively strong! I will be investing! Their mathematically verified method makes it BULLETPROOF! #GoCardano

  4. Great information as always. Please make a video about the top Chinese projects that will take advantage in the new strategy of China’s government.

  5. Umm Charles actually is the type call people “fucking cowards” when he feels the need. I have seen him as typically mild-mannered and pleasant, but he does have beefs from time to to time and he doesn’t hold back when that’s happening. He’s even cursed at trolls on message boards.

  6. Altcoin Daily indeed my friend. These guys are really the sleeping giant of Crypto. And I would like to thank you for your accurate and timely Crypto content. It gives me a clearer understanding of these cryptos and helps me to see the longevity (or not) of these projects.

  7. Sagara Kun everybody uses YouTube vids as an investment guide for news and opinions….tell me, do you watch YouTube videos everyday relating to crypto….and I mean everyday? If so then that means you are.

  8. R C I watched this this morning & will continue to look into the credibility of this guys rants, as the research I’ve done is directly through my own research as I have dug deep into VeChain for over a year now & my mentor has been following Sunny since day one! I am a part of a team that has over 20 eyes on this whole VeChain ecosystem & only have seen the truth since the get go. Their whole team keeps on creating partnerships day in & day out, on top of hitting every goal on their road map. So in my mind this FUD that this YouTuber is talking is just bad for the whole community & understanding that as a viewer only creates chaos when we need to be educating ourselves & growing in this bear market.

  9. I want it in me & my children too. Just imagine it would be better than having LoJack, but for a human & in the future our kids kids won’t even know what a wallet/purse is & will have to learn about the old ways in school lol.

  10. From supply chains – $VET is one of the best. But i think in some other ways $WTC have better positions. I also
    like very much $INS – they have great future with many partnerships and at least i can not forget to mention 
    $AMB they have unbelievable team, fantastic partnerships and famous visions to future (for example in transmission 4G – 5G).

  11. I own over 1 mil VeChain in my portfolio. I hope you’re right & if it really does happen, I’ll give you 1000 VeChain just for being blindly optimistic 👨🏻‍💻

  12. Just did too i love your channel its one of the most satisfying dailys on altcoins for sure hahaha

  13. +Karlito’s Way He’s not alone though, I’ve heard Sunny Decree talk about Vechain. It’s tribalism folks, we have to wait it out..patience.

  14. Sometimes a person gets a lot more mileage from the emphasis in using that type of language when everyone sees them as always mild-mannered. It carries more weight because it adds a little shock value. Maybe he really did say it?

  15. Michael Rampula agree WTC is the number one with RFID tech. And yes, INS should be taken seriously. I think because they’re Russian we don’t hear much about them, but they’re already a massive working supply chain business even before their ICO.

  16. Shayan Akhter I agree with ADA, and I do hold VET too, but they have been caught out on their partnerships…all was not as it seemed

  17. Yeahh that’s true.. seen him reply to a video on fud on Cardano, the Op forgot some fundamentals about Cardano and Charles hit him with a cured leather 5 inch girth wip. I was about to comment when I saw his reply, and yes it was his real account, I double checked. I compare him to Elon in that regard, even a bit more ballsy. You can look it up, the video tittle was: “What is Cardano” (or something similar) so try that in the search if you mind, his comment is near the top from all the likes.

  18. superturbo2 regardless it still has the best team in the crypto world. No cryptocurrency really has “walked the walk” yet in the market. But cardano is very promising and I tell they will deliver in 2019

  19. Surely they will deliver something. The problem is that other projects will do that as well. As long there is no use case or mainstream adoption it doesn’t really matter how well thought of the underlaying techunique is.

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