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What’s poppin E.T Fam?! With such an awesome week in the crypto books, you know I have to hit you all with the Week In Review. If you missed all of the epic events, this is your chance for a recap. Huddle in and listen as we revisit stories like the SEC allowing the #Bitcoin Futures ETF, #altcoin season, the stagflation method, and much more. Family, life changing wealth is upon us. This race won’t be won by the fastest. It will be won by the wise and patient movers. I’m excited to see wha next week has in store for us.

We may experience some price volatility soon, but let’s see if #BTC can break through the ATH this weekend or next week. Comment below and let me know what you all think will happen. Have a great weekend E.T Fam!

00:00 = The stagflation metric
02:25 = Best market indicator
04:58 = Altcoin season incoming
07:18 = Bitcoin ETF rumors are spreading
09:24 = Bitcoin ETF approved

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Man I am so grateful for your work Ellio!!! Deep Respect!! Thank you for your offering to this community..
    May all your dreams come true and have a blessed life full of magic and joy. May the gains be with you! Much love

  2. People saying that all crypto youtubers are same when bullishness comes into the market clearly just came here recently. Ive been listening to this guy for a year now and boyy if i listened to him…just if… i was one of these guys last year but finally learned my lesson just before the market goes off off

  3. I love that you’re willing to talk about seemingly outlandish theories. Thanks to your fiancee for introducing you to the idea. Vedic astrologers always time new initiatives with the new moon. It’s ancient knowledge.

  4. Yeah all of these people on YouTube helping people understand crypto are absolute angels. They have money, they don’t need to be doing this at all. I know if i made money in crypto, i would not even think about doing anything but eating, drinking and sitting on a beach lol.

  5. Not just Bitcoin but crypto. There’s so many changes coming technology wise and the crypto market will lead the way.

  6. every time you talk of Crypto/NFTs you sound like Sean Parker from the social network. gets me so amped lol

  7. You’re being sarcastic right? This guy is the worst youtuber. The only reason I listen is to see if he actually makes a call on an NFT or crypto that hasn’t already run. He literally copies other channels and reports stuff after the fact then says he called it. It’s a joke!

  8. The last time all the YouTubers were this bullish and selling so much hopium was April. We all know how that went.

  9. I personally miss the old way we interacted, I miss seeing kids ride their bikes to go hang with a friend. Oh well, they are long gone.

  10. The price of #bitcoin might seem high, but just remember:

    – Supply is constricted
    – Institutions are buying
    – Saylor is buying
    – ETFs are coming
    – Hashrate near ATH
    – Politicians are flipping

    And most important: Retail is not here yet. We are going much much higher!

  11. I still see kids playing and riding bikes like it’s the 90s when ever I door dash to a trailer Park. It’s all about community. Nice the nice developments in cul-de-sacs as well it’s still around just got to look for it more and insist more to go outside. I remember not being allowed inside 😂

  12. When you are anticipating a down turn, like for the full moon as postulated in this video, where do you put your money until you are ready to jump back in?

  13. problem is he repeats the same bs in all his videos! my face melted so much from his video i dont see gains tho lmao

  14. >spot on!>Mr Eric John Clark is all about simple techniques that are highly profitable, i really admire his winning mentality.

  15. No doubt mate, I am also benefiting greatly with his daily services, am a full time trader now. its been amazing and profitable.

  16. We are experiencing the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world right now. yet, you have people saying they can’t afford to invest. for me its more like I can’t afford to invest. those who invest now in a few years will be decades ahead of their peers.

  17. True, but investing is life skill and personal development are equally important. the goal must be to be successful in all sphere of life.

  18. There is a famous character *Jessica Meador Jones* She been making a fortune for a selected few for years now. Lately, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of experts. This person demonstrates how to copy her automatically using such a service. We gotta try while the mark

  19. @Micheal Joseph Exactly before investing you need to develop yourself in all ramifications, don’t t just jump in cos you heard someone made so so amount of money, employ professional help if you need to because on the long run you’d lose money not sand.

  20. @Micheal Joseph I really acknowledge your comment, i recently started trade but i have not been able to make much, i am envious i’ve been in the red for too long. You seem to be doing very well for yourself, How did you achieve this?, I’d love to have a good retirement, any advice or recommendation will be appreciated.

  21. ​@Todd Sotelo Just check her online, there isn’t much i can say here so it doesn’t seem as if i am promoting an agenda🤝

  22. @Andrew Wertheimer Wonder how many kids play 500 up and street hockey (canuck here) still? I just never see it and I’m far from money rich and a gated com.

  23. I read about him too on website . That is how I get connected to him. Thanks for putting this down here 💃

  24. I have NEVER loved anything more than crypto . The moon as well. Your ahead of your time and I fully intend to be as well.

  25. This guy sounds like he’s on a manic episode when he talks about NFTs. I think he has delusions of grandeur

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