Beginning of the next BULL RUN? Live Bitcoin and Crypto Chats with CryptoBeadles

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Beginning of the next BULL RUN? Live Bitcoin and Crypto Chats with CryptoBeadles


  1. Thanks for posting another solid video! I really appreciate that you are both working hard to create usable blockchain solutions for the masses!

  2. My friend you should average in on all coins you want to add to your portfolio. Averge in and out from all trades is a powerful move.

  3. +Crypto Beadles Relax bro i do follow both of you on Twitter and Youtube. I am not a hater but a lower. Just think the headline was wrong ,)

  4. Bitcoin keeps going down and it is no surprise following the news and trends but it really pains me when so called analyst keep predicting a rosy road for btc. First of all, the crypto market today is still fairly new, highly unpredictable and mostly speculative. For anyone who is knowledgeable enough and wants to make serious returns off crypto, it is important that you get rid of the misconception of hodling which may not be a bad idea in its entirety, but must be utilized in the appropriate circumstances which unfortunately enough is not crypto today. I would give an example using myself. Within the last 2 months, btc has dropped from over $6500 to about $3400 which is almost 81% nosedive and have transformed into huge loses for those holding to their coins based on wrong forecasts but in same period, i have increased my portfolio from 1btc to over 4btc just in 4 weeks by trading with the right strategy, signals and system. It is only fair i admit i am not a trade guru by myself but i always find the better way to tackle all situations as i am more interested in results than theory. I rely mostly on the services of Mr Brandon Gaston for trade patterns and signals at different prevailing market conditions and i have good results to show for. I have also learnt a lot from him which helps me win consistently in my trades. I am spreading this for those who are having issues in making profit from the crypto market. For any question you can contact him at Gastonbrandonn@gmail. com for more info.

  5. By the time you read this it’s now 132 bill, I thought it was going down again, but 11 bill pump, crazy market.

  6. No stable coins get audited. There is no auditing standard for stable coins. Yet people who wont do their homework keep asking the same questions about why there is no “audit”

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