Another Way To Make Passive Money Mining Cryptocurrency! [UniCoin’s Mint Review]

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Alright Altcoin Daily Team,

Let's talk about other ways to make money in cryptocurrency. Let's talk about UniCoin and their Mint mining machine. Watch the video.

Check out UniCoin's Website:

**Paid Review. All opinions expressed are my own.

***Not financial Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Another Way To Make Passive Money Mining Cryptocurrency! [UniCoin's Mint Review]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I love anything that gives me passive income! my whole portfolio is passive income coins. also thinking about mining! I will be researching Mint hard!!! Could you do a video on on how NULS and Vechain staking will work?

  2. It’s all good Scott. If you prefer youtubers that lie to you and don’t disclose when a paid review is happening, Suppoman and CryptoCoinNews release daily content too. I think our channel provides a lot of value. We have 7 paid reviews out of 140 videos total videos. Relax.

  3. Not sure. But if you go on their website you can get live support. They are very quick to answer questions.

  4. Suppoman is one of the most stupid youtubers. Cryptocoinnews nevet heard of them. Crypto space is not maturing because of this bozo projects. Pure marketing, pure bs also

  5. It’s all good Scott. We release a video ever day. If paid reviews make you worked up, you have 6 other videos you can watch from us this week. Check out Unicoin. Don’t check out Unicoin. I don’t care. For some people hearing about Unicoin will be helpful.

  6. pretty sure this guy is a scam…have seen this exact same thread with different names


  8. Great video with very informative details no doubt, but still can’t believe that there’s any system as fast as bernard walters mining strategy and binary option trade, I mine 0.1btc in 40 minutes. feel free to reach out to him everyone interested (bernardwalterss24@yahoo. com).

  9. Awesome to get this kind of news. The assurance aspect you talked about also sounds very exciting, and I want this also.

  10. Well……there’s plenty of good reason to be excited about Bitcoin once a person understands what it does. Like anything else that produces extreme value and with the strategies Mr bernard use to mine made it easy for me to double my BTC everyday. ALL THANKS TO HIM

  11. I appreciate the content from you and your brother, but I’m not sure I can get behind this company. I haven’t seen an exit strategy for their ‘stock’. They don’t mention whether they’ll be listed on NASDAQ or NYSE, so there won’t be a platform to trade your holdings on. They also don’t mention what % of distributions will go to the person leasing the equipment, the share holders, and the company. Considering how much work they’ve put into the tech, they haven’t matched it with the value proposition for the investor. I’m assuming their ERC20 token will be used as their dividend distribution vehicle while they keep all of the coins mined to themselves. I also don’t understand how they can’t state which coins they’ll be mining. Their doesn’t seem to be very much transparency in their business model. The only value proposition I found was that the investor is hoping their company will be worth more than $10m in the future. This seems really risky without a place to sell your shares, if they start going south.

  12. Great insight! Yeah those are fair questions. The CEO is pretty quick at getting back to you if you ask a question on their website. But you’re right…questions regarding % of distribution, ERC20 use, and even what coins will be mined are stuff I would need to know.

  13. It screams scam, is it BitConnect lol another one,. Way to good to turn down,,, yeah sure is honey,,. Efin mugs.

  14. Scott at no point did he say you should go donate $100. He barely advertised it at all. Youre telling me if you had your own youtube channel that you spent at least an hour on making videos each day you wouldnt hop on the opportunity to make some money for your time and energy spent? Id really have a hard time believing that.

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