ANNOUNCEMENT: Bakkt Launching December 12th! ⛄ Plus “Institutional Herd” Starting to Enter Crypto!


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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin.

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NYSE Owner’s Bitcoin Futures Market Will Open in Mid-December

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: $25k For Bitcoin (BTC) Still Possible, “People Are Too Bearish”

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: $25k For Bitcoin (BTC) Still Possible, “People Are Too Bearish”

CNBC’s Brian Kelly: Institutional Herd Is Starting to Enter the Crypto Market

CNBC’s Brian Kelly: Institutional Herd Is Starting to Enter the Crypto Market

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Bakkt Launching December 12th! ⛄ Plus "Institutional Herd" Starting to Enter Crypto!

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  1. Do you not think that company would have already acquired that BTC (probably OTC) before announcing something as huge as a December launch? If it was my company, thats what I would do.. or I would be screwing myself over….. just a thought???

  2. i think ice will have already slow bought tonnes of btc i think that is the whole reason for the bear market. Grind it down install fear of it slow buy. General public to scared to get in from the last time they were burned. Keeps the price nice and low for them. Next bull run will be a big one.

  3. HTC is about to launch Exodus 1 it runs on blockchain the only way you could pay for it is with Bitcoin or ether I think that’s pretty cool

  4. Your channel has grown so much with so many new subscribers last couple months and rightfully so! Good straight talk!

  5. Most likely. Fidelity Assets say they’ve been researching on crypto since 2015, even mined a few hundred bitcoin themselves

  6. Another round of positive news. This is why Altcoin Daily is first in my mornings, even before coffee. Thanks, Guys!

  7. Don’t know much about the futures contracts, but I would think they ONLY acquire the BTC for the client when he orders a contract? Would like to know from someone experienced

  8. People, Am sure the SEC will most definately reject the numerous ETF applications on Oct. 26th. No matter what you do on that day, *DON’T SELL!* Greedy whales will take a stand for the last time aiming for 5k. Don’t behave like a lamb or they’ll make a meal out of YOU. (Update: i just found out the date is now *Nov. 5th* but still, *whales will always be whales* so watch out!)

  9. Déjà vu one year ago. Only this time it will search until March, hard. This is what I’ve been telling people. Yes, BAKKT Will have to accumulate hundreds of thousands of BTC to satisfy the incoming. This is huge. You mentioned who they are. I need not repeat. As I stated capitalizing on Altcoin high % growth & converting back to Bitcoin was a strategy I was personally using to further my position in Bitcoin. [✅comments] Thanks for the up to date news. I appreciate all you do. Have pushed others to not only check out and subscribe but to g back and use as a reference point for them to do their own research.

  10. If you weeks ago I asked a YouTuber to check out TRXC. I got a comment from another subscriber , “that’s a joke LOL” . Being a max supply of 1 trillion tokens so damn cheap he literally laughed at me. I was thinking real world usage in Asian & 3rd world countries as a truly good use case. So I acquired multiple millions of these to toss on the pile for the future. Now la look 👀. The joke is on him but opportunity still remains.

  11. Altcoin Daily thanks for your appreciation of my agree or disagreement of any and all things crypto and physical metals. Bullish on silver and LTB ( yes still a believer)

  12. Altcoin Daily funny how you commented on my investment in tiny cap coins. TRXC TRONCLASSIC is the furthest from small. Huge difference between storage of wealth projects vs daily crypto currency use case crypto. Adoption or death is the case of many. You don’t use it, you loose it. Adoption is getting so close now. Just getting positioned is the ultimate key to as we all want to capture that swing of wealth. So many looking for the next Bitcoin. There is only one! Over 70 forks, many may not amount to diddly squat. Thanks for your responses. Very much appreciated. Wish you had time to elaborate but I understand that you’re very busy as I am as well. Thanks for all the dedication. Your viewer tallies will swelter. You rock Dude

  13. Huge respect for Data Dash. Yes hoping that my channel can provide as much value if not more, every single day

  14. We really could get two pumps. One for bakkt this year. And the second once the ETF is approved in March. I bet the alt-coins will go explode to the upside.

  15. Bitcoin to $30,000 USD end of year. Because futures contracts will be against fiat currencies now. Is the perfect time to have a global currency as a reserve like bitcoin which was invented after the crisis of 2008-2009. Just wait 6 more weeks and you will see.

  16. Fidelity, Bakkt, ErisX, ETFs and next round of Litecoin/Bitcoin mining reward halvings starting 2019! Things looking good!

  17. they have been preparing before the first bull run. They used it to scare people off to them the cryptomarket is penny stocks. But they want in but they don’t want to share the wealth so they just shaking all the weak hands out of the market now. I can’t see bakkt making the market parabolic they wont want that. They will make it a no show then when people are not paying attention it will come in thick and fast. I would not be surprised if there is some sort of world spectacle at that time as a distraction and to keep it away from the MSM. They will only let the bots in when they want them in. I Personally think it will pay to be a strong hodler and the people who have been accumulating over the last few months will benefit. Been a long bloody street and i think it will continue past where we normally see a bull run. I think end of Q1 or Q2 when people least expect it.

  18. Love your content and I am all for the crypto movement. Id like to hear both sides to stories though, not only what could go well, but what also could go wrong in terms of these media releases.
    Thanks again!

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