AMAZON TO ACCEPT CRYPTOCURRENCY! Cardano 60% Price Move Coming! Bitcoin & Ethereum SUPPLY SHOCK!


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Amazon Crypto News | Ethereum SUPPLY SHOCK | Uniswap News | Cardano Move Coming |
Polygon NFT Gaming Studio | MakerDAO Amazing Metric | Bitcoin at $134k by December 19

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0:00 – Introduction (Watch The Whole Video)!
0:53 – Amazon to Accept Cryptocurrency!?
2:13 – 3 Possible Coins They Will Accept.
2:53 – BTC lightning capacity is growing at a blistering rate!
3:32 – A 12 year-old made over $160,000 (in Ethereum) on NFTs in one day!!
4:25 – Ethereum HUGE SUPPLY SHOCK!
4:53 – Axie Infinity’s Token AXS Surges to New All-Time High, Again
5:59 – Which crypto do you think Amazon will accept?
6:18 – Uniswap Decentralized? Or No?
7:30 – Uniswap.. Think about it like this.
9:05 – Solana to Launch Stake Pools!
10:06 – Staking crypto is the future!
10:34 – Cardano Holders Prepare for 60% Price Move!
11:11 – Cardano Smart Contracts Coming Up!
11:37 – MakerDAO Amazing Metrics! (profitable growth in DeFi)
12:27 – Polygon Launches NFT Gaming Studio
12:45 – Doge Adoption!
13:00 – Bitcoin VERY BULLISH! (Supply Shock)
13:46 – Why isn’t bitcoin moving higher now?
14:13 – Bitcoin at $134k by December 19
14:36 – 200-300 Days Left Until Cycle Top (MAX)
15:00 – Final Thoughts

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!
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AMAZON TO ACCEPT CRYPTOCURRENCY! Cardano 60% Price Move Coming! Bitcoin & Ethereum SUPPLY SHOCK!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. If Amazon enters this space they should enter it without tainting their credibility by going with BTC. Even Jack Dorsey is building de fi on top of it.

  2. Pretty sure this is Amazon’s move to aquire large amounts of digital assets without even using OTC methods or buying through exchanges like us commoners are required to do. They will just collect it from the unwitting masses.

  3. @epicness ouch that hurts🤕. Besides who would spend something that is seen as gold on Amazon instead of holding it

  4. Tesla accepting Bitcoin. Personally I am much more interested in Amazon accepting Bitcoin. Since everyone uses Amazon very few people use Tesla.

  5. Amen. And Jeff will be laughing all the way to you know where saying “The customers and the workers made this possible.”

  6. i was thinking… in 10 years they could own millions of coins, literally driving the supply/demand by themselves if they HODL

  7. @Banned Again If I understand it right when the erc20-converter and smart contracts are out, all ethereum projects that doesn´t want to pay high gas fees can just migrate their coins to Cardano with little work.

  8. EXACTLY, Amazon will be a major catalyst of the bull run. Wait till Amazon develops their own coin!

  9. the news is just circulating around the internet , I’ll secure my investments on some other projects like StrongNode.

  10. Everyone talks about crypto’s fall like it’s the first time. Most of them are newbies without proper orientation of the cryptosphere. That’s why I’m both a holder and a bitcoinsamurai investor. Either ways, my money is multiplying.

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