All Bets Are Off… Bitcoin Blow Off Top? Short Squeeze? Are You Buying, Selling Or HODLING?

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Bitcoin is Skyrocketing! I am Hodling! Hare far can we go? And will there be a pullback?

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Bitcoin Network Surpasses 100,000 Nodes, New Data Shows

Coin Dance- Bitcoin Cash Nodes Summary

Bitcoin added 150,000 daily active addresses since April began. Every other major coin lost active addresses.

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All Bets Are Off… Bitcoin Blow Off Top? Short Squeeze? Are You Buying, Selling Or HODLING?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Currently just holding on to my position, see where it goes… short squeeze is fighting profit taking. Exciting times

  2. Bitfinex, Tether & Binance and a parabolic run.
    Bit coincidental don’t we all think? Fuckery I think.

  3. All i know is im waiting just a lil bit more. I can feel a big dump coming before an official pump. Im just assuming

  4. I would never take any profit now myself… not till I brake the ATH wall! BTC is a creazy ! When she decides to run she runs! Its my humble opinion… what do I know 😉

  5. When it was on 5000.. people were saying that they will wait for the pullback of 3000.. now that its coming into 7K they said it will make some pull backs..Bitcoin thinking: hmmnn,, I’m not coming no pullbacks. Im goi’n straight to the Moon!lol

  6. +Altcoin Daily that’s my guess as well. and like you said its a high risk area anyway. If tether ever were to implode, they would need to implode between now and before the etf in october. crypto chico has good videos about tether

  7. +Altcoin Daily what else? Few months ago Bitcoin was around 3-4k there were no buyers. Now suddenly people jumped on 6,5k? Where’s the logic? They will unload very soon

  8. FOMO most definitely setting in, even with as bad as people got burned in the previous bull cycle.

  9. Altcoin Daily you’re basically asking if we trust them… have they earned that trust? If it walks like a duck…

  10. The more crypto gets attention the more previous bull run stats become irreverent. NO ONE knows what the next 6 months will be like. I will not be surprised if there is no pull back anytime soon

  11. Maybe $10,000 then settle there for a bit, then ATH and settle there for few months, then.. $$$$$$$$

  12. Bitcoin to the moon!!!! the only resistance we will get is from sherman sherman sherman hahahahahahah

  13. If I was you I would be looking to take a quick profit even if we don’t have a pull back we will start going sideways I reckon

  14. 6k has been a support since 2018 until it broke down in early 2019… 1 year support that becoming an upcoming huge resistance and less than a week just breach that level just like that?? am i high?? lol

  15. I’m holding. If I sell and it goes parabolic I will not be a happy camper. Better to be safe than sorry

  16. Economy’s crash. People wish they bought Bitcoin. I’m just putting in.
    I was hoping to buy in earlier but didn’t have the cash. Gutted

  17. +Altcoin Daily yeah man, it feels way too artificial. It’s not going up 100 by 100 or 200 by 200 every few days, it’s been a leap one week and then sideways and so forth for the past month. It doesn’t seem like it’s healthy moving

  18. anyone who got burned should be able to look at the charts and realize they personally fucked up and they got too excited and FOMO’d in at the top. Now hopefully those people are feeling like this is the bottom of the next run, which in their shoes makes them feel like they got BTC for a steal even at 6-7k lol

  19. Binance offloading tether has been proven by tracking their storage wallets – check Chico crypto channel. This is fake buying with retail all piling in. Binance knows tether / Finex is about to blow up somthey convert to Btc. They are washing tether. Soon they will reveal their own stable coin… to do this they will need to sell a lot of Btc. It will probably all fall back to earth very hard.

  20. Bought 3 BTC a couple of years ago, average price was $700. Then I read a very negative article and sold them at $1k. I am a mo-ron. LOL Bought two last year, holding on for long term regardless of the talking heads.

  21. +Terry Higgins Terry, buying 3-5 bars printing above the SMA does not work all the time, that said the reverse is true, sell when you have 3-5 printed bars below the 50 SMA.
    Also, buying and holding is not always a sure thing either.
    The question was asked, when does the bull market start? The answer to that question is who knows? So you have to buy in a some point, why not put the odds in your favor by using nothing else than the 50 SMA. It will get you in early and get you out early.
    It’s not perfect, but it helps.

  22. good idea, do not worry about missing out on short term gains, in as little as 2 years you could easily be looking at 100k

  23. Great content with great neutral position. I appreciate a Chanel that give information that is real and can be easily understood. Well done 👍

  24. I really think that’s one of the main reasons; plus orders might not be filled on the OTC market, therefore forcing people to buy on the open market.

  25. Exactly the lowest we are going is 6000 if you didn’t buy lower than that YOU MISSED YOUR CHANCE, never going that low again ever

  26. Yep haha good thing I been buying when it was at 4800$ seeing some healthy profits!

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