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Hey E.T Fam! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I’m heading out to NFT NYC, but I’m wanted to check in and leave you all with a follow up on what’s happening with the crypto crash. It’s no secret that things hit the fan last week with the basis points hike, huge DeFi companies becoming insolvent, and more stablecoins losing their pegs. This past Saturday, BTC hit its all time low of the year with it falling below $19k. Ethereum followed in BTC’s footsteps and dropped below $900.

When you zoom out, it’s looking like leverage liquidations have had a lot to do with the current crypto crash. However, in the past 24 hours we’ve been seeing a bit of a bounce or relief rally. ETH is back above $1,100, and BTC is back above $20k. The questions you must ask yourself is how long will this last and does this change the current bear market outlook? My prediction is that we have not yet reached the bottom, and there could be more pain to come.

So, each bounce should be viewed as an opportunity to manage some risk. Tune in as I break everything down for the E.T Fam. Talk to you all soon!

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – Prior peak break
02:50 – What this bear market has taught us so far
04:37 – No convincing rallies
05:19 – A house of cards
06:09 – Big institutions getting liquidated
07:42 – Leverage and bad risk management
09:48 – Leverage is the root of all evil
10:59 – Is the bottom in?
12:19 – What could lead to further downside?
13:59 – "I knew crypto always was a scam"
14:58 – Historic levels
16:37 – Deflation of the housing bubble
17:39 – Economic update
19:01 – A little dose of hopium
20:08 – Leverage cascade
24:27 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  1. Can always count on Ellio to tell us the news after everyone else, but in the most concise positive cheer us up way 😎

  2. I’m so glad I’m experiencing this time in crypto history because I know it will only make me stronger and more knowledgeable 💪

  3. Idk if the housing markets are really hurt just yet, if/when property values start dropping I think we might even see a reversal in crypto as properties are sold before losing too much equity. Not gonna be a big drop though imo

  4. bottom line leverage should not be allowed in crypto for it not only causes problems for you but for people that have nothing to do with it

  5. To be honest, the macro economy is no good at all. I think we can see #bitcoin at $13k in the coing few months and if that happens then a wick down to $10k is very possible. Be safe everyone. Do not rush to buy. Stay updated to the market.

  6. Yes!! I see those prices too. Best to either wait on the sidelines with USD or just DCA on the way down

  7. Now’s the time to pay attention and start to stagger in buys in areas you feel comfortable with. Your future self will thank you greatly.

  8. No mistake when he said ” still being here is an accomplishment”
    He meant being here with money tho

  9. Ellio I have to say you are an excellent speaker & I thoroughly enjoy the clarity of speech & detailed relevant content.

    You go above and beyond the herd with the vibe of your news delivery

    Bravo & best wishes for the future

  10. Great video Ellio! It’s still a very exciting time for crypto right now. Especially when a big pullback is on the horizon. ❤️

  11. @UGPVlogs_LA I won’t DCAing at this level as for the same reasons stated above. It’s just me. I’d would wait with cash.

  12. Thanks Ellio for this concise and informative take on the global economic situation.

  13. giving credit where it’s due, I listened closely to you 2 years ago when you said make sure to take profits on the way up and on the way down. As a result, when things ran hot in the first half of 2021, I was able to cash out enough to change my world. I certainly could have managed a bit better after that, but even with this historic correction, my financial house is in terrific shape as we await the bottom and then the next accumulation stage.

  14. An 85% decline similar to the last two bear markets would take BTC down around $10k. Although no one knows exactly where Bitcoin will bottom, I believe this is still possible. I’m not convinced that there is anything massively unusual about this bear market. Although there can be similarities all bear markets are unique and this one will be no different. Obviously, all markets right now are FUBAR and we are seeing negative effects from this bear market but I still believe this will all lead to an incredible buying opportunity. Crypto is still a very young asset class and as such there will be systemic failures as it matures. This is all just my opinion having been through a couple bear markets. I want to also add that this bear market will last for quite some time. I expect Bitcoin to follow past patterns and not recover until after the next halving which occurs in early 2024. I look at this as a good thing as it gives us plenty of time to build new positions for the next bull market.

  15. The centralization and authority required for that isn’t exactly in line with the spirit of crypto, I’d say.

  16. In crypto, you have to buy into the fear. It might seem hard, but it’s surely the most lucrative.

  17. It’s refreshing to hear YouTubers understand all markets and just not that it’s the normal crypto cycle. Great job!

  18. I was a bit lost without Ellio’s crypto videos. I trust him more than any other person on YouTube. Keep them coming!

  19. heard swissborg are in trouble, im hearing they are withholding and delaying withdrawals a few people now are fighting them in uk trying to get usdc out, be careful if you are trying to get cash out

  20. @Martina Doris if you are unsure, sometimes the best move is to chill and stack cash and wait until your path is more clear. If there is one lesson I have learned in the past few years, it’s patience is key. Be the turtle.

  21. Thank you Ellio for always breaking down these things to its simplest forms. I’ve learnt a lot here

  22. @Krypto Maniac’ actual question, 🙂 Didn’t we already surpass the length of time/recover for the Covid crash?

  23. I absolutely LOVE THIS!! I got in SOOOO LATE (Oct 2021). I was hoping to experience a bear market for great buy-in opportunities, but could never imagine that prices would dump below 2018 levels.

    Instead of wishing I could have been in crypto back in 2018, I am here now and making the best of it! Simply DCA’ing $100-$300 every few weeks is all I need. I hope this bear market lasts through 2023! Bull market starting 2024 a few months after The Halving will freakin’ blow up!!!

  24. Dca when you think it’s around the bottom . If you have two grand to spend and that bull market hits new ath you’ll have life changing money

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