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  1. Special effects for “open up my brain” would have been a nice touch.
    Also, FIRST biotches!
    Just like Tron is tearing it up on the “most active blockchains” list (2nd/3rd ish), TE-Food and Wax are way up there and are micro and low cap respectively. Something to consider.

  2. For a channel with the name FUDTv, you’re really a positive for the crypto community, and pragmatic as well

  3. Hey Elliott, I think a good addition to what you guys are saying here is that people who have entered, or are coming to enter the space need to be honest with themselves from the start. Do they truly hold ideals and really are here to support a project that they like? Good for them. Are they really just here for a chance at the moon? Then they should plan their actions out accordingly. Either way they shouldn’t get lost in the flow of FUD and FOMO that can take what they truly believe in and turn it into a mess of following too many different directions at once. I’m a HODLR of two projects that I haven’t given up on, and still believe in. I understand that I am not equipped with enough knowledge to swing trade, and do not have the motivation or passion to go in that direction. My current play has been cast and I’ll stick by my guns no matter what, because every passing news story, announcement of an announcement, analyst input, and content creator video are simply opinions and speculations that are along for the ride. I’d sooner ride the wave to zero by my own convictions then abandon what my worked for own research has yielded and ride someone else’s ideals and convictions to zero.

  4. Interesting thoughts. I have considered it more the other way around… don’t hang on to a project because you are psychologically attached… as Krown says, you have to be able to know when your idea isn’t working anymore. I have been guilty of hanging on to projects (not just in crypto) too long, and have overspent on opportunity cost, because I was emotionally attached. But what you say is the other side of the same coin – don’t be afraid to invest in something because you are idealistically opposed to it, in spite of it being a good investment – it’s hard, but important to take emotions out of any investment, whether buying into it or selling out of it. Thanks for the thought provoking video.

  5. Well said. I’ve only gotten involved in cryptocurrency 6 weeks ago, and the childish bickering of what coin or project is crap was a major turnoff and made it quite difficult to gather true sentiment from a community that has been involved much longer than myself. I’m all about XRP and ADA. Some amount of centralization is going to be absolutely key for this market to grow, and in my opinion they will prove to be stepping stones for institutional growth in an extremely speculative market. Again, well said, sir. Cheers.

  6. thanks Ben! Yeah the goal was to provoke dialogue and I thank you for taking the bait. Again, my hope was to promote an unemotional approach (pragmatism) like Krown teachings (albeit in a hugely different way). Thanks for the comment

  7. What up Ellio? Could you get Charles Hoskinson on your show? You’re the best interviewer so it’d be nice to watch that one.

  8. I look for a happy medium between ideals and profits. There are some things I refuse to profit from. For example, I will not invest in for-profit prisons, even though I think it is going to continue to do well. You have to be able to sleep at night. Obviously, some people can screw millions daily and sleep just fine, but I am not one of those people.
    My dogs totally looked when you put that squeeky sound in there. Lol. Great video, Elliot. And cool jacket. 😀

  9. Yea no… what are alt-coins? Essentially they are venture capital factions that purchased a set amount of 3 or 4 cryptos and tagged on some bells and whistles and label it “Differentcoin”… we are all holding divisions of stakes in fundamental coins… any coin that formed is essentially the same coin. Its value to its adopters comes from loyalists of the coin… ALL CRYPTO IS THE SAME… fundamentals are what keep cryptocurrency working. As soon as you abandon those principles, if adoption ensues, you subject the entire technology to failure. the truth is nothing in the crypto world will survive but those who have died. The chains that produce the most amount of untouchable assets due to user error or death will take the crown.. aka bitcoin. People need to stop creating coins all together and find solutions to scalability. Without understanding these principles, crypto will never become mainstream

  10. you are as lucky as hell to be getting into it right now. In 4-5 years you will understand (as long as you sell around that point). Your big caps are safe bets. There are many, many, many 50, 100, and 1000x returns to be had (among smaller caps only). A good strategy is to just hold large caps until we golden cross (should be between Oct 19 and April 2020), wait for those large caps to pop (they will pop first) and then divvy up some money into your smaller caps for bigger returns before they follow with pops and raging price action. (Small caps) TE-Food, Viacoin, deeponion and blockport are great bets and so are your BAAS smaller cap coins like Nuls, Insolar and Unibright. Litecoin will probably pop before everything, you might put buy orders on coinbase between $14 and $23 and just wait (for LTC). Good luck.

  11. DYOR is such a cliché. Check out the Netflix program called The China Hustle. It shows the great lengths a person would have to do in order to get real information on a company. Basically you can’t trust anything. The reports these companies put out are basically just word salads on a page. I am here for ideological reasons. I’m not here to luck out in finding some unicorn ICO. I found bitcoin because of the hype, I fell in love with it after finding Andreas Antonopolous and reading his books, learning about what the idea is about. Then I read The Bitcoin Standard, and came to see what Hard money means for a society. How value transfer is freedom of speech. Barter was invented before fire and allowed us to specialize and become what we are today. The rest is just fluff, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, but no regular person is going to really going to be able to properly do their own research. Only the company insiders know the real information that investors would need. Otherwise just speculate if you can do good TA and trade to make some money. There is no Trustless fundamental analysis other than BTC IMO

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