5 Reasons I’m Investing in Elastos (ELA): HERE’S WHY! [Cryptocurrency Investment]

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Alright Altcoin Daily Team!

Let's talk about Elastos (ELA)! Is it a sleeping giant? Is it a good investment? What even is it!?!?! Let's talk about it!

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Elastos TV Box To Bring 1 Million Carrier Nodes By End of Year

Carrier Nodes

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***NOT financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research. Make your own decisions.

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5 Reasons I'm Investing in Elastos (ELA): HERE'S WHY! [Cryptocurrency Investment]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I have not even heard of Elastos. Going to do the research on this platform. I am liking what you have brought to light so far. Sounds very interesting with the founder and his immense experience and background. If I can see most of what you see i will also be taking a position out myself. Very promising so far. A good hodl coin for 2022.

  2. he didn’t left ms to start a blockchain but blockchain gave him a second chance to continue his brainchild. ela is going nowhere or it is going to be huge. this is my gamblecoin i invested in

  3. TV boxes are only for China..for US and EU will be IOEX smart speakers..they act as a node..there is 300k nodes already///after 20th price is gonna skyrocket

  4. Love elastos… It is a. Amazing project… Everybody should have some in their portfolio even know f it is just a few

  5. Thank you Austin, great video. Very well explained. As an Elastos enthusiast I appreciate very much your input, I know this will call attention to people who have not been noticed about this project yet.

  6. +Joshua Young ok that is awesome!!!! This means a low circulation amount and an incredible platform which equals massive appreciation in future. Thanks JS

  7. I’ve been averaging down since Feb. Back then, it was all promises on paper, and they’ve been meeting those expectations ever since. Not like most other projects in the space. Even if China decides to play hardball with ELA, there’s the entire rest of the world that can use it.

  8. Thank you for this Video, for the last 2 hours I have been researching Elastos aka $ELA. I can’t believe this is so under the radar. They are so many GREAT videos, Interviews. Demo’s, deep dives into there tech. This is the real deal. I can’t believe I have been caught up in all these hype coins waiting for my moon shot. I’m guessing price has been suppressed as the last of the angel investors tokens will be released on the 20th of November. I’m waiting to see what happens Then I will be shifting 70% of my Portfolia into Elastos. God bless and thanks for this Video!

  9. Your first concern- you,mentioned that Elastos is new… that is False- Elastos has been in business for over 15 years and needed Blockchain technology as the final piece… Elastos is going to be global and Chinas acceptance is minute in the grand scheme of things… A more valid concern would be the Marketing of Elastos which is minimal in the west. The Cyber Republic is the start of their brand awareness and will continue to grow.. T.V boxes (carrier nodes) have been distributed with a heavy concentration in Asia. The west will see Elastos smart speakers in 2019. Elastos is also merge mined with Btc. ELASTOS is not One of the best porojects out.. ITS THE BEST.

  10. I know ela is one of the most shilled coins youll find on youtube but they really are the only project out there that deserves it. Theyre more than a cryptocurrency, more than blockchain, hence why they are so unique and interesting. Not to mention, rong chen the founder is the most humble, smartest guy youll see in the space, you cant help but love the guy!

  11. Altcoin Daily you will wait until the 20th of November? Do you think a price drop is immenent due to the token release?

  12. Altcoin Daily ….good to see you cover this. Elastos is a no-brainer in my opinion. Whether it’s $5 or $5.50 it doesn’t really matter …as it will be at least $100 in the future. Cheers !!!

  13. Yes, great add Ellis. Yes, I meant new as the crypto just came on the market, but I do acknowledge that the blockchain is the final piece to Rong’s vision. Appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  14. Welcome aboard my friend. Be sure to attend our local meetups, we now have meetups organized regularly in Australia (4 cities), New Zealand (Auckland), Spain, China, Romania, and the US and we are expanding rapidly across the globe through Cyber Republic

  15. Also the way the market exploded last year, comparing the awareness and spread of crypto to now… I can see a lot of x5 and more… people saw how it went last year and want to make dat money… so a lot more people will be buying during this period.

  16. Also
    Looks at ELA before watching video 7.60aud, looking after video 7.27aud. It is dropping fast haha

  17. +Altcoin Daily I just picked some up last week and I’ll buy more this week. Great time to diversify your portfolio.

  18. I bought elastos at 28 dollars.. and people said the same thing, omg it will skyrocket blabla.. i lost all hope.

  19. +Nick Steve That’s a tax headache and time consuming. I only make trades when I feel confident about big movements.

  20. +Zidane Steiner clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. if you are going to make criticisms, at least be educated about it

  21. +Lin Vann Its not under the radar BUT two things its 20 ranks lower than Maidsafe right now and its supply is very low so its price is inflated. Then it comes down to tech Safenet will not even be on a blockchain no way to regulate it and it just finished a successful crust test. ELA is a young project prone to doing coin dumps it tends to attract the kind of crowd I expect from Tron or Electroneum so I hesitate to invest.

    That being said we’re all gambling on the future so good luck.

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