5 BEST Altcoins for HUGE GAINS!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! [Bitcoin/Top Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Good video! Today let's talk 5 BEST altcoin buys for HUGE GAINS, RIGHT NOW!!

Do you agree with my picks? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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5 BEST Altcoins for HUGE GAINS!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! [Bitcoin/Top Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. ONTOLOGY. People are going to FOMO into this coin once they realize how they can earn their ong gas. ONT has huge usage and partnerships already. Its gonna boom

  2. I am deep into Nav Coin and TheKey right now. Small market cap, plenty of room to grow. Both are low price and huge potential from great teams. TKY is also part of the whole NEO/GAS/ONT sphere which has HUGE potential and a big Chinese market.

  3. 5th is either Wax (best gaming coin on cmc) or Ravencoin. Second is riskier but has more upside potential. It can literally become BItcoin 3.0.

  4. NEO is my favorite Altcoin as they are way off their ATH and the centerpiece of the NEO Ecosystem. Supposedly the Ethereum of China w many features that are superior like the ability to write Smart Contracts in any programming language or natural language like English. You don’t need to use an obscure and difficult programming language like Solidity. That’s huge. Also, for Supply Chain Mgt I like Origin Trail (TRAC) and Waltonchain (WTC) better than VeChainThor (VET). Because you can’t call BTC an Altcoin, you only gave us 3 picks. So, I think u owe us two more, right?? 😃😊😋

  5. You said “Stanley Coins” when I think you meant to say “Stanley Nickels”

  6. Electroneum! It has more users over than facebook & Twitter over the same time. Has patent pending for its instant payment systems for Etn, other crypto’s and fiat. It has access to 200 million users through the mobile networks with signed contracts. Marketing is due to start early 2019!

  7. Haha you make great videos my dude. I watch them religiously. We share the same visions on this market and I applaud the way you present them.

  8. fast coin is important when the market is dumping, quicker to get out of the market lol

  9. A lot of good things to say about NEO….do you think it will compete well with Generation 3 coins?

  10. It’s the Largest (7 million blocks) The Fastest, the cheapest transaction fees, and one of the oldest. Also they have solved many of the scaling issues most coins have not been able to do.

  11. Elastos, NEO, XLM, ADA and the fifth but first is the Digital Gold, the grandmaster, the MAC Daddy- BTC

  12. If u r patient,this 1 long term,could become one of the top 3 platform giants…at current prices,imho a no brai er…

  13. Ve chain is incredible- huge partnerships plus you earn vtho gas monthly- this will be in the top 10 by the end of year and a steal and this price

  14. Jason V You earn vthor instantly once you swap ven to vet and move them to the vechainthor wallet.

  15. There’s so many great projects out right now that will make alot of of people alot of money in the future. Back to VeChain I’m a fan and it’s my favorite supply chain coin for sure but I also like Walten, Wan and 2 under the radar sleepers in supply chain management space are Origin Trail and Morpheus.

  16. DGB is 40 Times faster than Bitcoin, Operates off 5 Algorithms, highly secure and decentralized. The word is getting out… finally. 🙂

  17. For Vechain noobs:
    VTHO is the Vechain equivalent of NEO’s “GAS”.
    VTHO and VEN-to-VET are two different things.

  18. GOCHAIN is so undervalued right now, they have been announcing alot of ico’s lately 😀

  19. I’m quite surprised you didnt include Electroneum considering how many followers they have and the potential in gains. They have the first mobile miner, plus hold the patent for instant payments. Right now they sit at a penny, vs their all time highs it would make aa great investment if you want 25 times if not more returns.

  20. Sergio I have so many thoughts about Electroneum that is would require its own separate video. I hold a bit of Electroneum. I mobile “mine”. Originally, I put this channel on the map, back in February and March by being what I feel was the only channel who was being realistic and truly honest about what electroneum was/is. Back in March I said I held electroneum and that I could see it going to $1 by the end of the year and I was downvoted into oblivion because people felt like I was creating FUD…even though I said Electroneum could go to $1. I was the only realistic voice in a world full of shills. You seem like a thoughtful guy..but the ETN community is going to cause a pump and dump again… the community a but toxic…in my opinion. Then again I hold a little bit of it and am rooting for them.

  21. Ripple XRP is a great ALT coin investment, so much utilities for the token and growing partnerships. Same likewise for Tron TRX

  22. Charles not into hyping his projects nor his worldwide team of superstars, he was quoted the other day that he was looking forward to becoming the first trillion dollar market cap, never heard him talk like this before but he knows his product Cardano is putting out tons of code daily, and working on so much less than 3 years we going to be looking SWEET !

  23. I personally think it has real-world applications and is currently extremely undervalued. I agree with your price prediction of $1 by the end of the year. Besides being the only mobile miner of which has been accepted and regulated by google, i feel it has major potential due to its patent for instant payment which i feel many other cryptos will have to go through electroneum to attain. It would definitely be a video worth uploading in my opinion. You’d help spread word on a Crypto worth Investing into for nice gains. And thanks for the reply i love your content!

  24. I actually agree with that. I think 2020 for elastos but I’m a believer in it. I buy to invest for the long term so I’m perfectly happy waiting.

  25. No one is talking about TRON. Like seriously? What ever, thats your loss.
    TRON is like Gifto but sooooo much more.

  26. but ONT supply is too high so i don’t think that it would go more then $10 and even $10 when it would be on its top. what your opinion pls let me know.

  27. I would like to add the LBRY Credits to the list. It touches on the problem of copyright and fees for them. In my opinion it is definitely worth to consider in terms of investing.

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