32 Ethereum Will Put You In An ELITE CRYPTOCURRENCY CLASS | Is Ethereum A Good Investment?

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Let's see if Ethereum is a good investment in today's video!

0:00 – 32 Ethereum Elite Club
0:57 – What Caused Ethereum To 1000x Before?
2:56 – Ethereum This Cycle
4:19 – Ethereum Evangelists = Bullish!
5:23 – My Thoughts
6:30 – Conclusion

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!
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32 Ethereum Will Put You In An ELITE CRYPTOCURRENCY CLASS | Is Ethereum A Good Investment?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Thanks for the quality content guys… I didn’t hear a name, but this SOUNDS like Austin? …… I’ll hold the mass of my liquid net worth in bitcoin. ETH is too high risk due to centralization of development and networrk POW/POS (if they can ever even manage to move to POS?). I’d much rather hod 32 ETH worth of BTC than 32 ETH. That said, I’ll absolutely be flipping a LITTLE BTC for ETH upon BTC retest of 20k USD, probably some LTC and ADA also. MAYYYYBE even some LINK. OH WAIT! 32 ETH is only around 1 BTC worth? lol, ok maybe I will do the 32. Just got to that part of the video, I didn’t know ETH was such a cheap crapcoin 😉 Anyway, I feel like it needs to be stated (as always), BTC is world changing, everything else is a copy with less immutability and network solidarity, by FAR. Bring on the silly hater comments!

  2. One of the many many questions about the logic driving decisions made by exchanges. This pattern goes all the back to MTGOX.

  3. the same reason any company would pay for advertisement etc; it is in their financial intrest to promote the product/service

  4. @K Cep In terms of “decentralization” I think we need to discriminate between price manipulation and governance over the network and its functions. The Bitcoin network for example is pretty much governed by the miners, as they verify transactions and provide the energy to meet the consensus. Classical PoS networks are governed by the validators, as they provide the stake in order to meet consensus. In both these examples, holders have pretty much no power because as validator you mostly cannot vote for changes in the network core code. For Bitcoin, the miners decide where the most hashrate goes after a fork so that’s probably also where most holders will go. The next generation networks, that mostly run on some sort of PoS (delegated, or nominated PoS or w/e) mostly include a governance mechanism, where the native token serves as governance token (take cardano or polkadot). In these networks, indeed the holders have the power without having to meet certain requirements. So from a governance standpoint, bitcoin is not decentralized and will never be decentralized because there is no possibility to include such a governance function. Same goes for ethereum, unless they include a governance function in the future which I highly doubt.
    On the other hand, bitcoin is (imho) good as it is. It doesnt really need an update or a governance model. It works perfectly fine.
    Considering manipulation of price movements, well. It is much easier to manipulate the price of bitcoin than to manipulate some regulated financial asset, for obvious reasons (crypto is an unregulated market). The real problem now is that Bitcoin’s core function (store of value) requires a stable price that is not compromised in any way. So since it is possible to manipulate the price to some extend, it is by definition a direct influence on the function hence the network. If we take ethereum, a theoretical price manipulation does not interfere with ethereums core function with is to serve as smart-contract platform for Dapps.
    That being said, price manipulation would only be a bad thing if it interferes with a core function of a network. However, the bigger Bitcoin as a network gets, the more unlikely it is that there is any price manipulation happening, simply because it gets more difficult to manipulate an e.g. 10 trillion $ market cap than to manipulate a 200 billion $ mc. Also, DEXes (hence also decentralized oracle price feeds) will be pivotal to truely decentralize price discovery mechanisms for Bitcoin and other networks. We already saw uniswap doing more volume on one or the other day than some big CEX and as DeFi continues to grow I think volume will further shift to DEXes, also for bitcoin. Once this happens and we have one unified pool for bitcoin price actions, it is pretty much impossible to manipulate anything for bitcoin and most other bigger cryptocurrencies.
    If you want to define decentralization as nonexistence of a single point of failure, then both, Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralized.

  5. 🧡💛💚💙
    Last Bull Cycle… Ethereum did 1000x (from the low of 14c to high $1,400)
    This Bull Cycle… can we hope that Ethereum does 200x? (from the low of $90 to high of $18,000)
    I think so….

  6. Within a year JP Morgan will have thrown their weight behind ETH. They’ve already signed onto the Ethereum Alliance a few weeks ago giving Quorum over to ETH foundation. They will retool Quorum to do remittance payments for inter bank exchange within 2 years essentially decapitating XRP. ETH will soar in price due to its valuation.

  7. Ward Margarita yea bitcoin is worth going in and doing investments especially when you got a good and professional broker like mine Harrison wells is the greatest broker ever

  8. Williams Munoz you’ve been reported. I genuinely hope the FBI raids your home. (In case anyone didn’t notice this is a scam, you will be scammed, he will probably recommend a scam website that will steal your money) report him and ignore

  9. @Po The Bear im the source of the statement, I said it. I typed the words. ME.. if YOU don’t agree with the statement.. cool, don’t buy Ethereum, its that simple. No big deal.

  10. I believe I read somewhere that govt’s are looking to tax staked crypto the same way mined resources are taxed. That is, you’re not taxed when you mine gold, you’re taxed when you sell it. I have no idea what numbers would be like though, because I don’t think you’d pay capital gains on any eth you’ve earned, since that eth wasn’t earned through investing but through staking.

    I would assume you’re taxed when you sell it, and that income is treated as additional income and is taxed accordingly.

  11. Eth is a good investment, the problem is POS goes against everything that BTC was originally created for. It will provide gains maybe the future but I won’t be supporting their turd token Timmy producing dap dung farming agenda.

  12. Amazing video! It just takes patience and perseverance to value the true nature of bitcoin. Prices rocket up inconceivably bitcoin on it’s way to $12,000 again. If the said thing is to happen, it will be very unwise for you not to know how to Increase your Bitcoin instead of Just Hodlin. I got this tips first hand from Rolando Quinones He is always one step ahead of other traders, he fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. My earnings has increased drastically from 2 Bitcoin to 9 Bitcoin in just 4 weeks and some days. I have full confidence in his tradin abilities. You all can reach out to him through [ < < TeIe-gram >> rolandocryptos

  13. @Chloric good stuff. If I didn’t give up a lot of my eth because of the 2017 ICOs, I would have a lot more.

  14. i’m also a member to Rolando program also. Bitcoin will go higher been hearing him say since and now i see it that Bitcoin actually has the balance and incentives center, and that is why it is starting to take off. Appreciate the update again

  15. I traded without assistance or instructions from anyone and i lost well and nearly got broke but i came across a posting about Rolando Quinones and i contacted him took his instructions, now i gain all the time

  16. Thanks for sharing this with others here. Rolando is a legend in the bitcoin market and I’m a much better trader because of him.

  17. @Kan 249 gotta have an exit plan. Selling my alts when BTC gets near 100k regardless of where the market top is. Not looking for the absolute top. Just looking to turn a profit. Probably not gonna sell any of my eth or BTC for another 5 years or so.

  18. There are things btc has to overcome though. Don’t get me wrong i own plenty. What about china having 60% of the hash rate? That sounds a little centralized. Also can BTC withstand hacking attempts using quantum computing? Besides all of this i think to deny the power and functionality and usability of certan alts is foolish.

  19. Cheaper fees,
    More decentralized,
    Faster network,
    More secure code base
    and one can STAKE as little as 0.000001 ADA with about the same rewards as its eth2.0 counterpart.
    Stay tuned for the ERC20 converter coming soon to Cardano!

  20. @Dale Schmidt The USA (in specific Texas) and other countries are ramping up hashrate and china will be left very quickly with much less than 50%.
    There will come the time where quantum computing becomes a thing, by then there probably is no encryption in the world to withstand such technology, so in 10, 20, 30 or w/e years when we have fully functional quantum computers we will have much bigger problems than an hacking attempt of the Bitcoin network.
    I agree on the alts part.

  21. A lot of Youtube traders are not just actual traders,They are just selling nonsense Forex courses and ripping us off.
    I have met and invested with a trader who I can confidently say is GENUINE, His name is Joel d Ayers

  22. No Name Joel AYERS, he is a great trainer. He really knows what he is doing. The most important thing is that he is willing to share his knowledge. He keeps it very simple and everyone can understand it.

  23. yea, but the impermanent loss you’d experience from eth pushing ATH’s in the future is tough to balance out. You might make more just holding and staking eth during the next bull run.

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