3 Reasons why Altcoins will EXPLODE in 2018!!! 💥 [Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Today we go over some Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News! I will tell you 3 reasons why I think this will be a huge year for Altcoins!

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****Not Financial Advice! Just Opinion!

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3 Reasons why Altcoins will EXPLODE in 2018!!! 💥 [Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Great video, thank you. Loved stellar one as well, could you do similar one on Nano & ADA?🐳

  2. What would it take for DGB to make me a millionaire? It’s been around for 4 years and at just under $0.05 USD, is getting ready to take off.

  3. Totally agree with the bulk of what you said here. I think many crypto millionaires will be made in 2018. And when that happens they’ll need to start thinking towards the future and setting up an inheritance plan. Digipulse (DGPT) Is the first to do digital inheritance on the blockchain. They have already completed their platform and it’s super simple to use. DGPT is Actually up over 220% over the last 7 days and I believe it’ll only increase in value once more people make fortunes in crypto. It recently got a write up in the Forbes too, which tells me that it’s definitely a token to look out for in the future.

  4. solid add. I know the basics about digipulse put i have not yet taken the plunge to really research them. sounds like they are doing big things.

  5. If you would look at Tron or Cardano. I fell tron doesn’t get enough love! Some claim it to be a entertainment coin, if which is true the don’t have a lot of competition in that aspect!

  6. really? I feel tron gets a lot of love. Justin Sun makes sure of that. But, I like them both.

  7. Without a doubt Justin Sun is awesome about that! I’m just referring to the channels I tend to watch. Yours, altcoin buzz, and a few others but tron doesn’t the the coverage as let’s say xrp tends to get.

    Just my input kind sir! You’re doing an excellent job!

  8. one of those tokens you might want to hodl since it is a coin with good realizable utility as people begin to learn ways to protect themselves in the digital age.

  9. Electroneum just reached 2M registered users in less than a YEAR!!!!……instant payment system is coming out. Listing on coinbene. BBC making a documentary about ETN
    Its about time you start talking about ETN.
    2M users is no small feat

  10. Altcoin Daily
    They’ve filmed a documentary at the etn headquarters. I believe by now it might be in post production. Everyone is waiting to see it. Could you do a short video about ETN?

    By the way thanks for your reply

  11. Altcoin Daily
    Also etn has its own youtube channel with videos explaining what they are and what their plan is. What other altcoins out there, or as a matter of fact, what other crypto coin out there does so much to keep in touch with its community whether it is youtube facebook or tweeter?? Check it out!

  12. cool. i will def check out the Doc once its out. We’ve done videos about ETN many months ago. Yeah, I should revisit it soon.

  13. I think that the new gig economy website powered by ETN is going to explode! I will enable a new sector of economy among the unbanked people – such a great idea!

  14. Dxt / Go / Tky
    I love your company an how you enthusiastically provide great content & insight for all of us crypto lovers

  15. Can you do a video on Electroneum and if he has a strong opportunity to 1000X during the long awaited bull run in 2018 thanks great video

  16. There is so many youtubers and TA’ers using that BTC/Gold comparison, is giving me memories of Consensus 2018 Graph where everyone was hyped that we price will go after the event. Which we know that didn’t happen at all.

  17. What do you think about 0x? From what I’ve read, it’s one of if not the most solid protocol for decentralized exchanges.

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