2 Things Ripple Does Right! … Is Ripple a good investment? [XRP]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Let's talk about Ripple [XRP]. Is Ripple a good investment? Why is it one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies right now? I want to start a discussion with you guys about what Ripple does right. Watch the video.

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I did not create this but I thought it was cool.
Ripple Partnership Spreadsheet List:

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***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research obviously.

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2 Things Ripple Does Right! … Is Ripple a good investment? [XRP]

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  1. Ripple makes partnerships not XRP.
    XRP is not RIPPLE.
    Look it up. Two different companies.

  2. There is something fishy going on with XRP, the price should be $3 – $4 by now. Why are the big boys / instituons/ whales keeping clear of it ? The truth will come out eventually.

  3. Al Jenkins That is because XRP isnt doing the deals RIPPLE is.
    Two different companies

  4. I think people miss what ripple is. They’re the AOL of internet money. Before AOL, most people did not have the technical ability to email or use the internet. So an intranet made that interface easier and gave them a taste of what could be. “You’ve got mail” was huge before it died! I think we forget that.

    I don’t think XRP is the long distance future. I do think they’re going to be the first step towards ditching fiat. We’re just not going to have mass adoption of something like BTC without a stepping stone.

    I don’t like XRP or Ripple. But I own it because I think the short term is promising. I do like their realistic and business savvy approach. That’s something most of these projects are failing at, in my opinion.

  5. i think this is gonna be the 1 world currency the new world order wants to create,when you see al these banks partnering and all the media attention,they obviously are pushing it,

  6. IGSTER – i think you are right. I bought XRP at a low price, so I might as well HODL , but I shall not be investing more in it.

  7. I like Ripple because it’s a gateway to mainstream adoption. Of course it doesn’t reflect the essence of Satochi’s original vision of cryptos, but without mainstream adoption, cryptos aren’t going anywhere.

  8. I think if $3–$4 dollars at this point would be way overbought (in this down market).

  9. I just recently got into it and it sounds like it would be good for entrepreneurs

  10. concidering how much profit banks will make extra using x rapid they all gonna us3e it otherwise they still behind with the competition who will.

  11. I think what Ripple is doing is keep getting collabs and deals with as many banks/cross border payments. And at one point, Ripple is going to make them to use XRP for the transfer/something. And that will be the time XRP moon like crazy i think. Im going to hold until that time, or until something fishy comes up (hopefully no pls) 🙂

  12. Hey Aron! Thanks for another video. I didn’t know that much about ripple but you made it interesting. With you I can learn on daily basis. I had ripple long time ago but I will maybe re-buy it again. Cya

  13. I like it. We def have an advantage with this kinda stuff, being early adopters and all.

  14. Yes! I always come back. Really like most of your videos. I like ripple because the traditional banks are adopting it and a lot of people will stay at the traditional banks for a while. Also because they are making a lot of partnerships. I have a few Ripple from the time i started in the crypto world. Thank you Aaron, for the interesting video. Regards Rob

  15. XRP is the hedge bet. Many cryptos are too small and fractional in their niche…they will disappear on their own or will be overtaken by a few consolidating whales in the space…Ripple is a whale. You can love or hate its progeny (XRP), but if they don’t F’ it up…it will remain No. 3…then No. 2…then who knows? It has speed over Bitcoin and it may out-diversify Ethereum in the future. Just sayin’.

  16. Yes, and i think the only thing in Ripple’s way is Stellar since they kinda do cross border payments too. But i think Ripple’s making a better job at it right now. I really enjoyed your video tho. Cheers mate 🍻

  17. he is just waiting for the moment to sell his overpriced ripples he bought like most ripple shillers

  18. You need 20 xrp to reserve wallet address. What happens if you wanna empty your wallet, do they let you withdraw these 20 xrp or its lost forever?

  19. Good job I knew about the Ellen show but I didn’t know about the late night show!


  21. man, i really love Austin’s vibe on this channel, it’s really like having a beer and chatting crypto. Keep up the good work man!

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