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Since the launch of its Ethereum bridge on the 29th of July, Avalanche has had a phenomenal rise, reaching over $2 Billion in TVL in just 5 weeks – maybe one of the most explosive launches of all L1s to date.

With Ethereum 2.0 taking its time and users migrating to cheaper L1s and L2s, Avalanche is certainly well-positioned to attract much more liquidity and users in the coming months – accelerated by its massive liquidity incentive program.

With its price rise from below $10 to $55 in just a month, AVAX was amongst the biggest gainers in August (in good company with other hot L1s like ADA, LUNA, and SOL). While AVAX itself might already be a bit hot to tough right now, the best strategy is to look at smaller projects or emerging yield farming opportunities within the Avalanche ecosystem.

0:00 Be a good citizen
1:50 Eco Overview
4:50 Cookie Crumbs
6:50 AVAX Hopium
8:00 Astronomical TVL Growth
10:00 Coins on my radar
15:00 You've been Pilled

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1000X GAINS AHEAD! Top Altcoins that will EXPLODE with THIS NEW ecosystem! The next SOLANA?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Thx Ellio, appreciate the knowledge. By the time things are “solid” it’s already too late for the exponential gains. I remember BTC way back when it was at like $30 and I thought to myself, oh man, it’s just throwing money way on an underground techie toy : (

  2. I saw Charles Hoskinson in all that white snow falling down the mountain! Took that cookie crumb and loaded up on ADA

  3. Keep buying and investing in stocks or crypto and in the end you will enjoy your rewards. Soon BITCION $100,000

  4. I stayed up the whole night and finally figured out their damn clues, its Citadel Kings Among Humans on opensea. And of course im too poor to afford a big brain!! got a mutant tho

  5. @Lai Bladen Do you use the service of a Market/Risk expertise. Youtuber pretending to be an investor, like 99,99% of all Youtubers these days, parroting other people who also know nothing. I have yet to see any Youtuber provide any evidence in their fantastical content

  6. @Catalina Cruz YES. I’ve been using the blueprint of TRACY BRITT COOL for a while now. I circumvented downtrend and always procured 300k monthly as a newbie using her scheme

  7. My only problem with a decentralized system is that governments don’t want that….I’m not saying it’s not possible but it’s just unlikely…I personally believe government’s will bring the hammer down on Bitcion because it’s attacks their ability to mismanage the current

  8. @Wilburn Kurt At most crypto will simply co-exist with fiat. It won’t be the main source of currency.

  9. @Lai Bladen Thanks i did a NetSearch on her out of curiosity and my findings on her surpass my expectations. I’ve drop words on her reachout.

  10. Love Ellio but as always its after the pump where its a total no brainer, hindsight is always 20 20 vision!!

  11. Iam not saying this is the case here or disputing but unfortunately I’m having a feeling that most youtubers in this space let you on certain gems after they are well positioned. If it is already ATH then I needed this info 1-3 months ago so the regular guy can do something about it.

  12. Stay away from these Shitcoiners man. They are scammers that use world salad. It’s all greater fool theory. Stick with bitcoin.

  13. Cut the crap Ellio!!
    The content is good, but the style is a total turn off! “I have this big secret mystery that you are probably to dump to catch on, and if you do not like you will be left out of the my secret mystery bla bla bla…” Cut the crap Ellio. You do actually not need that sh*t. Just make good content as you do an the likes come by itself.

  14. I don’t see why you just wouldn’t spell it out as it is. I was already in Avax, Elrond and Luna, and went basically all in on all of those after the 7sep crash. Not everyone are able to see the big picture and get ahead. I personally don’t care if people copy pasta me. I just want to see more ppl making it and not make a ton of bad mistakes. Love you content btw, good job!

  15. I love that you’re expecting people to be a little bit smart. I don’t want to be spoon fed. I eat with my hands. 😁

  16. Whats your thoughts on Aelf. They are moving from eth towards their own ecosystem. They have very fast and cheap transactions now.

  17. This comment makes no sense. You literally could have made crazy gains investing in say ADA at $0.1 a few years back. Just because you didn’t buy BTC at $30 doesn’t mean it’s not still a steal at $5k in the last bear market.

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