$1000 SOL? Best chance of an ETH killer emerges! But is Solana all just hype?


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00:00 = Intro
01:10 = Solana chart
01:56 = Eth fees
03:41 = Solana vs Top players
07:50 = Sam Bankman-Fried : Solana's face
10:41 = Sam vs Vitalik (Sam's tweet)
16:26 = Solana better for games?
16:55 = Outro

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$1000 SOL? Best chance of an ETH killer emerges! But is Solana all just hype?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. “1000x COINS!!!”
    “$1000.00 SOLANA!!!”
    Love Solana, but some serious “hype-ium” in these recent videos.
    Saw you touched on stablecoin regulation and believe it would be valuable for you to offer further insights into the potential black swan events facing crypto…

  2. Every time I watch your videos I feel like I am drinking from a firehose. But in a good way. Thanks Ellio.

  3. Over 50% of Solana is being staked in 5 centralized data centers, with that being said, I still hold Solana 😑

  4. History tell us every single project that tried to label themselves as the “ ETH killer ” ended up failing, It’s basically like a curse NEO & EOS are great examples

  5. I’m gunna create a coin named SolAvaFanEtherTerraTronAdarno.
    It shall be the best and we can put this argument to bed.

  6. Same same. Ellio and Becker are an infinite pool of wisdom. Can’t wait to join and contribute #Citizen Salvor.eth

  7. Ah, yes.. another TRX, EOS, Nano… :/ SOLs going nowhere!! Its a centralized POS that ONLY enables the FOUNDERS TO GET RICH WHILE YOU SCMUCKS FIGHT OVER FOR SOL SCRAPS. roflol They are RUSSIAN UKRAINIAN… What do you expect?

  8. Short term that’s a huge plus for SOL, but gas fres on Polygon are just about as cheap. ETH 2.0 staking will be huge, DeFi $Trillions will be stored on ETH smart contacts, similar to BTC being a store of value without you needing to spend it i.e. transactions.

  9. “the majority of transactions are voting “transactions” (which are part of Solana’s consensus).
    Basically, Solana is artificially pumping their numbers^^.”

  10. If this bull market continues, a $600-1000 Solana is extremely likely. As far as stablecoin regulation and black swan events the channels for that would be Coin Bureau and InvestAnswers…. Ellio has in the past explained certain risks on projects he covers on this channel but doesn’t hammer home ALL potential dangers of investing in crypto in EVERY video…brevity, JM, brevity.

  11. gaming, play to earn games, nfts, these r going to pump sol all year bc ada and eth will be slow until next years updates, at least.

  12. The hype is real. It’s so nice to use Solana. Like radium. Also tried cosmos yesterday and it wasn’t close to Solana. ETH isn’t going to live for long unless the fee is in the same level real soon.

  13. If your statement is true then it’s not fomo. Gas fee competition is a real driver of fundamental value.

  14. SOL won’t kill ETH however SOL will do well when dapps and what not become popular – everything that goes UP comes back down – Wouldnt buy now thats for sure wait for a pull back.

  15. As a small fish investor, these gas fees are mostly higher than the value of the NFT drops I’m looking at. Ya boy can’t pay this!

  16. Solana is one way ticket imo. You basically never want to go back to another chain. At least in my case. I’m actually migrating all my stuff from other chains to Solana. I like Sam but actually Anatoly is the big brain behind Solana and also a super cool guy. Sam might be brain behind Solana ecostystem funding and of course FTX. Anatoly and Sam, perfect synergy of finance and tech brains.

  17. @Salvor Hardin is this the door / hint 🚪 or another person tryin to redirect me using Ellios comments

  18. @Brian Price lmao… solana can’t scale and it has big issues. Like it is currently down last transaction was 3 hours ago. I mean think about it. What type of SLA is that showing solana has like three nines?

  19. Now I think it is time to have some Arbimoons then, because they have no transaction fees and transparent for the users, I started into it when I heard about its market cap

  20. Well it is later things but now there is one and only arbimoon with the market cap of 2.5 billions in just 10 days, you hear it, the fucking 10 days

  21. Yes! A cross-chain token that is similar to a storefront window emblazoned with credit card accepted here stickers.

  22. @notarealcripple Solana can scale. The limit aren’t 65k tps. Yeah it’s in beta still so there are some kinks

  23. Have fun chasing pump & dumps kids.. Just today Solana mainnet went down, it got overwhelmed by to many transactions 😂 You get what you pay for

  24. Poor sweet summer child. Only when it’s too late will you realise why decentralization actually matters.

  25. Agreed! He doesn’t analyze how much centralize it is. It is both centralized in terms of 1) token distribution and 2) how there is a node leader elected so that all nodes agree to adopt one universal source of time.

  26. @Gothic Light Decentralization does matter. Good man, can you please recommend me a chain which is truly decentralized according to your definition of decentralization? Because it seems we both are using completely different dictionaries here.

  27. Wrong. Solana transaction speed comes from PoH and other technological features + solid HW. Not from being 50% centralized (whatever that means).

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