10 MUST HAVE COINS FOR 2019? These cryptos are set to have a MASSIVE year!

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– Cardano
– Ethereum
– Tron
– WaltonChain
– VeChain
– OriginTrail
– Ambrosus
– Onotology
– Stellar Lumens
– Bitcoin

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10 MUST HAVE COINS FOR 2019? These cryptos are set to have a MASSIVE year!


  1. I feel like making something crazy today. Let’s say I will buy all these 10 with no research just cause Ellio told me. Sounds crazy enough for me)))

  2. Your 1st statement is kinda false, and kinda true, but look at the chainlink chart, link had no brakes this bear market and went from spot 124 to 35 on cmc.

  3. Haaaaiiiiiir haaaiirrrrrr haaaaaaiiiirrrrrrrr HAIR !! Too ….. much ….. forehead. Forehead overload.

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