0x [ZRX]: Beginner’s Guide – WILL COINBASE ADD 0x??

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Today I wanted to talk about the cryptocurrency 0x. What is it and what problems are they solving? Also, will 0x be added to Coinbase??
Let's talk about it!

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*Just opinion. Not Financial Advice. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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0x [ZRX]: Beginner's Guide – WILL COINBASE ADD 0x??


  1. Bubba Gump Shrimp – Charleston , I keep making the analogy about 0x because I don’t see how they make money – would you prefer Apple stock or the software Unix that it’s built on > ? where 0x is Unix in this analogy & Apple is Ethereum

  2. my main holding is Smart Cash – low cost master nodes and a 2% reward on the coins you hold in your wallet every month ( you have to hold at least 1000 coins ~ $90.00 at this time & you can’t have any withdrawals from the address / addresses that you would like to receive rewards to .

  3. I’ll check out Bubba Gump, but I was hoping for something more local less of a chain

  4. I just really go there for the scenery . I worked as a contractor for College of Charleston & all the students look like super models to my eyes

  5. * full disclosure – if you’re not super great looking ( cough ) they’ll let you know Real Fast ha ha

  6. You didn’t give the reasons why it wouldn’t? This video is really childish they are using one part of 0X not actually 0X which means that if they were to then to put 0X on Coinbase maybe the Sec or Regulators would deem this pretty much a conflict of interest as they solely stand to gain from the 0X coin therefore there’s an even stronger chance that they won’t put it on Coinbase. I’m no longer subscribing to you another presenter offering speculation without putting the why and the why not and to me the Why not is definitely stronger 💩

  7. Ox is good coin with excellent intent, but its on Eth and I do not see Coinbase taking on a coin on Eth platform again, they like variety…. And bearing in mind their new exchange with many many coins on it why would Coinbase add anything to what they have?

  8. I bought 0x at a $1.00 and BAT at $ .21 just in case the rumor actually comes true. Basic attention token has a coinbase buzz around it as well because of the compatability.

  9. Hi Altcoin brothers, I liked this video since it gave me value. Although the comment of Tyson Shield is pretty harsh, he has a point: in this video we only learned about the pro’s, what about the con’s? Regulations, competition, etc..

  10. Rob Winnen very true. This wasnt a deep dive. Just a beginner’s guide. Maybe in a future video we can go deeper

  11. Altcoin Daily Thanks for the response.. but give it some substance to even jump off to… I know more about 0X without reading it off the screen but thanks Peace

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