🚨I’m LIVE🚨 Where is Bitcoin Headed in 2019?! Altcoins to Watch?! Come w/ Questions! Let’s Hang!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk Bitcoin ! Come with questions!! Let's hang!

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🚨I'm LIVE🚨 Where is Bitcoin Headed in 2019?! Altcoins to Watch?! Come w/ Questions! Let's Hang!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. LMK followers why you like ADA? Not a hater, but I don’t understand the real world use yet. Their main net is not up yet? Is that correct? Seems like we are buying the vehicle before it’s built and we know what it really looks like? Am I wrong?

  2. We did a deep dive on cardano about 6 months ago. Called 3 Reasons I Like Cardano. Check it out. But yes, people are investing in anticipation that the vehicle will be revolutionary. Time will tell.

  3. the mainnet is live from 2017. Cardano have its own blockchain. The smart contracts are not on mainnet yet (they will be around q3-q4) and Shelley release (end of q1-q2)

  4. Why when theres good news happening on the infrastructure front is the recovery taking as long as it is doing? Surely the sideways motion should be much more compressed and ticking up.

  5. I am trying to connect the dots on FB, i have a theory. but i’m interested in every thourght. Thanks again for your work..! _0_


    01:38 Question about NEM
    03:06 Theta Token Question

    04:28 We Start!
    04:40 CBOE Re-Applies With SEC
    06:08 Bitcoin Liquidity
    07:14 Thoughts on Decentraland
    08:21 Details on NEO 3.0
    10:05 Will an Economic Crash Benefit Bitcoin?
    11:43 US is in MAJOR Debt
    13:20 Is this Aaron or Austin??
    13:42 ETN Launched IOS App TODAY
    14:12 Interview for THE CRYPTO FACTOR Volume 2
    14:38 When will Aaron and I debate about our favorite Altcoins??

    CoinMarketCal – Upcoming events for 2019
    15:36 Holochain!!!
    16:51 Zilliqa Mainnet has LAUNCHED
    18:56 Will altcoins start breaking away from Bitcoin in 2019??
    21:17 Bitcoin Futures = Market Manipulation!!
    25:08 Vechain!

    26:04 Bittorent Token Sell Off??
    27:49 BTC Forks – Avoid??
    27:54 What will be the driving factor to REVERSE the market??
    29:13 Future of Pundi X??
    29:32 Will you claim your free Bhex tokens?
    32:16 Bob L’s 4 year cycle of Bitcoin

    Appreciate you!

  7. I think institutions are waiting on more clarity from regulators. So It might take 6 to 12 months. But it will come.

  8. +Altcoin Daily well. look at how they are building across the world…
    They are expanding like crazy with there “data centers” they flirtede witn other cryptos, and know they are invovled with Stabel coin… something is brewing..

  9. Hi thanks for your reply for my question about Decentraland, I like decentraland a lot I have a few parcels and all lands are sold out People can still buy but for a premium price, however since the market is bearish prices are very accessible right now (from around $350 per land), so It has adoption as it for now, the future depends on the development of the platform, but I am confident it will be great, the zynga founders are part of DCL team now which gives the project a lot of credibility and expertise. DCL is not really a game, is more like a platform where anything can be hosted such as games, virtual stores, virtual venues for concerts, sports, classes etc, that is the cool thing of decentraland that owners can build whatever they want and that is where the success of the platform depends on, but there are a lot of creative developers (coders) and investors with good ideas who can just hired a coder to work on his/her idea. Last Virtual reality is a giant baby, so there is plenty of room to grow. So lets see but again I think it will be great.

  10. Glad you also mentioned the Cboe manipulation and the experation date. We wil see after 13 of feb where the price is going. coinmarketcal.com thats also a nice tip. Thanks for great content again.

  11. Missed it. Accumulation baby! Losers always gonna lose. Same losers were dreaming for 25k a year ago and now for 1k. Bottom is in and institutions already bought in December. They don’t get in to lose!

  12. Have been thinking about the US trade deal with China. Would like to hear some insight on the future of American- Asian trade or an insightful article on the topic. In similar business news, Russia is air lifting gold reserves from Venezuala. If Russia is planning on selling it’s gold reserves and the price of gold tumbles will that mean that investors will flock to bitcoin? Keep in mind, that the marketcap of gold is about 70 times higher than bitcoin. Therefore a one percent move from gold to bitcoin would represent about a seventy percent move up for bitcoin. Therefore, if one percent of gold did move into bitcoin right now that would take the price of bitcoin up to about 5950.

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