🚨 Emergency: There is a HUGE Bitcoin Shortage! | Facing MASSIVE Liquidity Crisis into December 2020!


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BREAKING: The current Bitcoin supply shortage is increasing. This is overwhelmingly due to PayPal, Square Cash App, GrayScale, etc cryptocurrency accumulation! There is NOT ENOUGH BITCOIN! Let's discuss!

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How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020

How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020 | What is Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2020

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00:00 Bitcoin Supply Shortage! Who's Buying??
06:30 US Government using Ethereum
09:31 Final Thoughts

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🚨 Emergency: There is a HUGE Bitcoin Shortage! | Facing MASSIVE Liquidity Crisis into December 2020!

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  1. little supply, a lot of demand .. I believe that the lack of liquidity for BTC is only an advantage for its value.

  2. 100% agree that’s why it’s not plastered all over the news with ur Uber driver telling you about it. They don’t want the peasents to buy at this price. When the insiders need to dump it, then the financial reports in the newspaper will tell you to buy it

  3. Why Altcoin Daily is great:

    1) Gets right into the stories without wasting our time with long introductions or announcements.
    2) Researches the most relevant stories we need to hear
    3) Does not talk about meaningless technical analyses

    Keep the awesome content, you guys rock!

  4. The rising tide raises all ships.
    BTC will do well, but my money’s on LINK, DOT, VET, ZIL, XTZ, DGB, etc.

  5. How embarrassing for U.S. officials having to finance their coups d’état with digital currency 👹Muuuuuhahahahaha🦆

  6. “Heathcare workers”, who are working with the US puppet coupsters (and even got blocked by Red Cross once because their ops are so obvious). Glad they didn’t sully bitcoin.

    Is US open and bloody imperialism your crypto goal?

  7. Agreed. TA is friggin usesless. Hedgeye got rocked by Saylor. He was condescending and kept talking anout not being attached to the coins amd his silly quad4 theory. Soon after the interview, Saylor was right. Dont try to time btc.

  8. Hilarious the US Govt is using crypto to do the very same thing its gonna try to prohibit citizens from doing……Transacting and doing business without banks and government involved!

  9. Now what happens if they sell all that to make it dip so they can buy more lol. If they can manipulate up, they very well will manipulate down. Get ready boys

  10. I saw this comment, and internally was mad at you for making it. UNTIL, I heard it for myself in the video. I cringed so hard every time.. lol

  11. He said “Murado” about 20 times… It’s Maduro, or can he not read? And Maduro’s the President of the sovereign nation of Venezuela, as elected by the people of Venezuela. Guaido is not recognized by the Venezuelan people, nor by the military, he is a far right coup leader, backed by the US government. Other governments have fallen in line with the US because they’re lackies, don’t have any respect for democracy. Altcoin Daily should stick to crypto, they clearly know nothing about politics.

  12. @Altcoin Daily
    Been there. And regrets it. Good i only tried a bit. If i did all my funds, i would feel like dead. They just keep asking and asking for fees, etc.
    Stupid to believe in you. Such a scam!!

  13. Marudo, Madaro, it’s all the same and nobody cares. Maduri, whatever it is. It’s “that one guy”. If people respected him then people would care.

  14. @Evan Do your own due diligence. They may pump it to attract more suckers but it is not a long term hold IMO. Good luck.

  15. Maybe they won’t sell bc they will pay more taxes. This is not a quick flip for them it is for protection against inflation. But if they do want to knock it down I hope so ! I want another half coin

  16. @topgun213 in 1987 I bought a Porsche 911,my plate on it was TOPGUN 3, and 213 is my birthday also,

  17. I think it’s time the world should appreciate the development of crypto currency , cause the way it makes good returns within a short period of time, makes it so much it so much lucrative and profitable

  18. Typical US staged coup in South-America. I wonder how many people realize this and know that the US has been doing this for ages.

  19. @DJ M1NDHACK3R I do own gold and BTC and it does not replicate it, it completely steals it’s status… it literraly just sits there and does nothing while BTC is rocketing, but i will still hold my gold, my prediction is when this BTC supply will dry out and there will be none to buy and too expensive, then people will turn to gold and it will be golds time 🙂

  20. @alieninsurgent Guaido is not recognized by the Venezuelan people??? According to you, Maduro is not a Dictaror (as Chávez) and people love them lol. Clearly you do Not know anything about Venezuelan politic..the only mistake Austin made was saying Marado instead of Maduro. So please, keep yourself focused on crypto

  21. Venezuela launched the Petro (oil backed crypto) on ETH first though. ETH 2.0 is going to centralize control of ETH though, like XRP has approved validators.

  22. ETH is a programmable contract. It can be anything. However ETH 2.0 with centralize control over this system with validators like XRP does. This is not good if you believe in free markets.

  23. @D-Man i would say that’s a pretty fair value assuming there isn’t some major crackdown from US, EU or China. It would be completely out of left field though…would have been done already if they wanted IMO. They need the populace to build out the new financial system…as they are aware that the current system is on its last legs. So I believe regulation will be loose until that is complete (10-15 yrs.)

  24. @drew childs are you from the land of emoji Landis? What’s this language you speak? Are we going back to communicating with cave paintings?

  25. @Gintaras Sketerskas same with ltc it really is digital silver but will probably be used for something practical.

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