🔴You ONLY Need 2 Bitcoin To Be A MILLIONAIRE In The Next 5 Years. GET READY! [Opinion]

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Can Investing In Bitcoin Still Make You A Millionaire? I THINK SO, BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE FOR.

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Many people are looking for the TOP cryptocurrency in the United States in 2020. I believe that is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the BEST cryptocurrency ONLINE in 2020. The world needs to know.

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So, is Bitcoin a good investment in 2020? I think so.
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This is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities.

Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky, as anything can happen at any time.

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🔴You ONLY Need 2 Bitcoin To Be A MILLIONAIRE In The Next 5 Years. GET READY! [Opinion]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Timestamp:
    0:11 – Bitcoin Just Dipped!
    0:40 – Setting Up The Video
    1:40 – My Thesis
    1:59 – If You Own 2 Bitcoin
    2:22 – End Of Year Prediction
    3:40 – Cutting To The Chase
    4:42 – This Is The Beginning Of The FIRST MAINSTREAM CYCLE [Here Is Why]
    5:37 – Cycle Top Here
    5:57 – After The Top… The NEXT Cycle Will Be Different
    6:24 – We Won’t See A Correction
    7:23 – The Risk vs Reward Opportunity
    7:55 – You Are Not “Too Late”
    8:35 – Final Thoughts

  2. @AltcoinDaily #AltcoinDaily I agree I want more as well… I mean IMO just think of Greyscale. They would not buy everything they can if they knew it was going to be worth nothing! (Not financial advice from you and not financial advice from what I just said…) I’m not rich at all and I wouldn’t even sell what I have right now to hope to buy it cheaper as I personally think this price is being pushed down to shake and scare ppl out and then I think it’s going to BLAST UP SO FAST where ppl can’t really get longs in or get their Bitcoin back at the price they sold it for. That’s just my opinion but it’s what I think… To many things going on with it for it to not go ballistic. (Again not financial advicel

  3. Just officially hit the mark and own half 1 BTC..very excited to see where we’re at in the next 5 years! Great stuff man

  4. i finally got 1 bitcoin only got 1 more to go yasssss you guys can do it !!!! Also got 20 Eth and 200 chain link but the btc was so hard to get

  5. Also want to add 1 other thing as I just finished your the video and the last thing you said was a very good point. #AltcoinDaily Helping new people out. I could not agree on that more. I think when ppl see scams report them no matter where they are. Cuz new ppl might get hit by 1 or 2 and that is something we do not want. The reason I say this is for the fact the more ppl that get into Bitcoin the bigger it gets. Now that new person will then tell his friends and family and he look crazy like we all do when telling our friends and family but now some people are actually like WOW the banks aren’t doing good. What about my paper money? Gold and precious metals are sold out or extremely overpriced. So each new person that gets in the bigger and faster the whole system gets IMO anyway. (Still not financial advice and just my opinion)

  6. I like where your head’s at. There is one flaw in your mathematic calculation
    This assumes the USD remains the same in value and status over the next few years
    Having been in financial services for the last 15 years, and reviewing the landscape
    I would not assume the USD will be what it is today in the future. Big changes are coming!

  7. 1 btc one million! I cant imagine the people who have hundreds or thousands of btc! are they going to control the world?….. mmmh I would like to tell my story,, I bought 500 btc in 2011 and I promess my self I will never sell, I was like, well I only invested 3k ,if goes to 0 I will be fine, hahah well, I sold almost everything trading it, I was thinking that it was scam etc… now I have less than 10%, of that. I recommend you, never never sell until you can buy something to make money, like business or real estate,, or .. like he said, the risk is worth it.

  8. Great information! I agree that people are just learning about Bitcoin and still don’t understand what it has to offer. However, there is much more talk about it and people will put some of their money into it because everyone is talking about how the dollar is losing its value.

  9. At 7:09 you say “half a million” but the value shown is $5,000,000 – what did you mean to say?

  10. I can’t believe. Few days ago I said that next bear market will be very shallow because BTC will be in mainstream.
    We will see but looks like ….great minds think alike 😉
    Hodl for years and cash out just 10% of BTC stake on 50k-100k, next 10% of BTC on 100k-150k level and so on.
    Do not lose you BTC. 😉

  11. 1NGMvtdYmWxCJStLzqYmN1octEVJdzNsk3 any chance for a small donation ? I’d be really appreciative…

  12. “Just 2” most of us are out of the run for 1 full bitcoin already, unless we get lucky with alt profits this coming run.

  13. @Trigger Mac I tried explaining it to my family. They dont understand at all. I think a lot of people are like that, they dont understand the technicals. Yet at least. The basics are easy to understand. Maybe people will be more interested in listening when this thing takes off. It just proves how early we are. Everyone thinks im mad if im talking about it but we will see..

  14. Anderson⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    @LiteCoin Moses Let’s hack him

  15. *+ Enrike G.* No, they won’t. The catch is that Bitcoin won’t reach 1 million in our lifetime.

  16. you guys should also think about making a side channel on theta so you can have a backup channel in case they block you or do you wrong like before i been a fan of this channel since 3k subs we also can donate crypto there you’d be just reuploading there as well

  17. you have enough time to get all your subs to the decentralized thetatv i’m thinking about doing my backup channel there too

  18. That’s why I don’t see it happening, no way they will let some nerd have that much money…

  19. Woke AF yes indeed, bitcoin could see that amount without increasing in value as the dollar crashes. Like the gold value, if you see the chart of gold, it’s almost the same as the crashing dollar upside down

  20. @MillionsByNefu I do yes… Until something that resonates with me like Btc does. It’s kind of like a “safe” bet in a very volitilie market place 🤓

  21. @MillionsByNefu really? What exchange are you using? I use a few and many more in the past and always 10-20 mins it’s on my wallet again?

    Exchanges do “batching” of transfers out of their exchanges to save money on fees but that’s not really going to impact an exchange giving you your Crypto say by more than 20 or 30 mins delay??🤔🤔

  22. WARNING..! BITCOIN VS TETHER, The Winner is TETHER …! BITCOIN has become StableCoin by the strategy game from TETHER. TETHER has printed a NEW USDT = $ 3 BILLION DOLLAR so that the value of BITCOIN can be pressed and pressed ..! BITCOIN will NEVER Rise again ..!

  23. Remember your valuing the Bitcoin in USD or currency… and all currency is being printed into oblivion ! So just because Bitcoin could rise alot …. everything else ( houses, cars, gold ) could be also rising too … so not as much value gained as you may think !

  24. jmargani every high I buy… every low I buy… every middle I buy… consistent buying… just buy !!!

  25. Good job !!! Buy a little at a time… buy when u can… your on your way to one Bitcoin… b disciplined… stay focused…

  26. bitcoin being 9k and you in despair only means that it will only take 7k to be the end of your world

  27. The reason I feel safe investing with phoebe experts services is the risk management they apply which is aimed at eliminating the loss rate thereby giving you a hedge at winning.

  28. I think this is the most interesting comments section in this video, a mix of fun, struggle, zeal, winning mentality and people encouraging and helping others. With love from Romania. ❤

  29. 5 years ago when I started a business around Bitcoin and presented it to my family, they said that they don’t believe in the system, because there was no intrinsic value, no real life usage and all that stuff. I couldn’t argue because they were basically right at this point in time: It was all about believing. This year it’s different. My mother came to me asking me if she could invest into Bitcoin by using my service. Something changed and it’s getting more and more obvious.

  30. Above thanks! My biggest problem is finding places to buy from. I don’t do the kyc exchanges.

  31. Mister Anderson that car would be as much dollar as it is needed to buy. Could be 3000 or 1000000 depends on the crash of the dollar

  32. @Mister Anderson interesting, I was going to for myself but am waiting for a pullback? I dunno if the 8% dip was enough considering Btc fell by the same?

    You think it has a lot more legs? Defi gonna run before Btc run?

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