🔴 Prepare To NEVER See This Bitcoin Price Level Again! Chainlink Breaking All Time Highs! + More


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Let’s take a look at the multiple s-curves of adoption that is Bitcoin’s price history. Prepare to NEVER see this Bitcoin price level again!

Chainlink is breaking all time highs! What does this mean for the cryptocurrency market?

Let's find out and let me know what you think in the comments section!

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Intro – 0:00
Prepare To Never See This Price Level Again – 1:26
Raoul Pal Bitcoin’s Coming FOMO Bull Run Will Happen Like This- 4:31
Visa names “Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Ripple” In Help Wanted Ad – 6:11
Fidelity Doubles It’s Stake In Bitcoin Mining Firm – 6:56
Chainlink Breaks All Time Highs! – 7:45
My Thoughs On Being A Bitcoiner & Being Bullish On Alts – 8:13
Raoul Pal’s Thoughts On DEFI – 10:16
End – 13:19

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Bitcoin and the Future of Finance – Raoul Pal

Bitcoin and the Future of Finance – Raoul Pal

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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This is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities.

Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky, as anything can happen at any time.

This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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🔴 Prepare To NEVER See This Bitcoin Price Level Again! Chainlink Breaking All Time Highs! + More

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  1. Yeah I was literally thinking about selling some BTC to load up on some other positions…. nope lol. I’m just holding it now and moving it to cold storage

  2. No way I’m selling my chainlink. Chainlink is just getting started. Bitcoin not even over 10k yet. Chainlink gonna be in price discovery during this whole bull market. Why would I sell my chainlink when it’s outperforming bitcoin? I own both and will ride both to the moon.

  3. Bitcoin has just reached an ALL TIME HIGH for mining difficulty! Super bullish! So much for the bitcoin haters who predicted a mining death spiral after the halving 😄

  4. The only thing to keep in mind is, you have a massive bubble forming in the traditional markets. A 1929 equivalent crash in the traditional markets will send Bitcoin to catastrophic lows. That would be one hell of a buying opportunity.

  5. i can not tell u how many times i’ve heard “we’ll never see this price again” maybe if we collectively stop saying that it’ll actually happen

  6. Without chainlink smart contracts don’t work. Why do you think everyone is partnering up with them?

  7. Only an unsophisticated BTC investor sits there praying for another price drop.

  8. Quality Content! Raoul’s explanation of how Bitcoin will move over the next couple years always gets me excited
    Hedge Funds -> Institutions -> Mom and Pa Investors -> Central Banks

  9. @weasley potter If you follow the great investors, they would see such an event as an opportunity to add to their positions. I have Bitcoin already, I may add some if it breaks 20k and the only other time if its returns back close to 1k. The covid crash was a sniff of what could happen

  10. Perhaps you need to elevate your comprehension, maybe try a few IQ courses. or go back to Elementary school.

  11. I don’t think it will go that low. Bitcoin has already been hit by the carona virus from March, within that time its come up close to pre carona levels. Since the halvening, new addresses continue to open, demand continues to soar and supply has been halved. I think the next bullrun will show how cryptos can do well without being too related to other markets. The lowest I think it will go is probably $7.5 to $ 8k. It’s too established now to go lower. All positive signs pointing up for bitcoin

  12. Yes bitcoin will rally with Alts. But dominance will fall. Maybe as low as 15%. History rhymes. Sometimes repeats.

  13. Long time holder of LINK, wasn’t stupid and sold 15 % for a nice profit to invest in other projects.


  15. I agree with the bubble idea. California is shutting back down again. More and more businesses are closing down yet the stock market is still booming? This bubble is gonna pop and all hell will break loose. That’s when we buy. I’m guessing it’ll happen beginning of aug when those unemployment checks stop coming in with that bonus 600$.

  16. Wait till you find out how under valued silver is and the historical price suppression it’s experienced… but I agree for the most part. Each crypto will probably have different use case and leverage different assets in the future.

  17. My comment was meant to be taken lightly 🙂 I know it isnt an accurate description of the crypto space. It was more a reflection of what I feel about it. I am bullish on Bitcoin and on several good altcoin projects.

  18. I’m with you Aaron. Sold all my other “all coins“ and have been holding only onto bitcoin since the end of 2017 and still hold Ethereum just to trade with. 👍🏼

  19. Yeah dont man, I honestly sold half my link at $ 7.20 so I could get my i initial investment back (plus a little more) and hold my moon bag worry free but im regretting it hard …. its kinda nice to know that everything im holding for link now is all profit but something tells me LINK is gonna hit 50-100 eoy

  20. @Daniel Sinn also yeah please sir get some ETH … you’ll thank us later … i think

  21. perfect sell strategy..haha i brak together..miki mouse stories for littel kids stories…but lets try

  22. Thanks for the insight, investing in Bitcoin hasn’t been quite impressing for me, how much exactly do you make if you don’t mind me asking

  23. Wow I can brag about this, Mrs Anastasia has managed my account so well and my weekly return’s makes mind blowing

  24. I remember many youtubers saying this about $10k last year, now we’re struggling to even get above $10k. The fact is nobody can tell and youtubers should just stick to this

  25. flurgx they have made quite a few deals with huge companies. Check out their website and see how many they have onboard. I have my bags in about 15 different crypto’s so even if this one doesn’t pan out, my bitcoin will👍

  26. Gold is gold. Unless it’s stolen it has value. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value. It can be lost easier than gold. Other than speculation and ease of use why not store your savings in gold (or silver) ?

  27. @Independent Thinker You can make the same argument about gold or paper money. Gold is a store of value because people think it is. Gold is pretty to look at and it has a limited supply. Bitcoin is harder to steal and counterfeit so in a way it is safer than gold. I think the reason a lot of people dont see the value of Bitcoin is because it makes it pretty clear that money by nature is pretty abstract. Money at its core is a pretty clever illusion. Still it works because so many people believe in the symbolic value of money.

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