🔴 MUST WATCH: The IMF Has Just Made A HUGE POLICY CHANGE! Global Debt About To Explode! Bitcoin News

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The IMF Just Made A HUGE POLICY CHANGE! Three Problems! Three Proposed Solutions… Global Debt Is About To Explode! Prepare Yourself. This New Bretton Woods Moment Could Very Likely Fuel A Bitcoin Bull Run.

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0:00 – Intro (Watch Whole Video)
1:30 – Original 1944 Bretton Woods Conference Reflection (Clip #1)
3:23 – Why We Need A NEW Bretton Woods Moment (Clip #2)
4:22 – (Clip #3) IMF Big Picture Future Outlook
5:23 – Problem #1 Debt Based System Good? (Clip #4)
6:49 – Problem #2 Invest In People? (Clip #5)
8:49 – Problem #3 Climate Change (Clip #6)
10:04 – Bitcoin Is A Peaceful Way To Opt-Out
10:39 – IMF Policy Solutions… PREPARE FOR THIS! (Final Clip)

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!
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🔴 MUST WATCH: The IMF Has Just Made A HUGE POLICY CHANGE! Global Debt About To Explode! Bitcoin News

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  1. “We can do better than build back” what is Bidens slogan?? “Build back better” the play on words stuck out to me. Be aware of the central banks coins, the mark is here folks. Prepare to be harvested.

  2. No offense, but isn’t this the same organization that just recently completed a huge bond with crooked wells fargo in august???

  3. You’ve been harvested since you were born and still are, you just don’t know in what form.

  4. I refuse to be governed by unelected officials full of platitudes and utopian promises without anything but the monopoly of violence of governments to enforce their fascism.

    Buy #Bitcoin

  5. I wonder if clowns like her actually believe in all that crap she spewed or if she is deceiving on purpose.
    Either way I’m gonna do everything opposite of what she recommends.
    It’s my duty as a human to work against these Globalist sociopaths.

  6. I’m getting tired of these vague ambigious speeches. This sounds like she is running for President. I didn’t come away with any insight into what they are actually going to do. If they were going to do something that we would actually like, they would flat out say it.

  7. The IMF is the worst… This financial institution administers wealth creation among emerging economies… Meaning They decide which non-western or non-european nation becomes rich and the one which stays poor. #EconomicAssassins

  8. 👎👎👎👎👎That’s all BS!!! That’s why our world our lives are been torn Apart! They are the virus !😡

  9. They had to deal with a war whitch they’ve created and financed. So much propaganda in 1 speech. The narrative is being promoted everywhere now. Climate change is the solar minimum and a decreasing electro magnetic field. Yeah, tax the hell out of the people for CO2. Liar.

  10. This is a great example of why the world needs bitcoin. To take the power away from people like this

  11. Let’s see these guys enslaved all mankind with debt and now their monopoly fake money is dying so they want to do it again……..
    They did such a good job the first time that we should hire them again……

  12. They only want more internet around the world to expand their control.. nothing to do with helping the poor

  13. Do you know who Alistair Darling is?
    The creator of bitcoin does and he spells colour the British way. He does not like banker bailouts and reads the times.

  14. @SANDEEP HUNJAN Climate change in the way politicians mean it is a HUGE lie. Earth geological history is full of greenhouse and ice ages alternancy periods. It’s new leftness brain washing agenda.

  15. “let’s all print more money, but don’t worry, your hourly pay will remain the same today, and tomorrow, as it was in the 70’s, and 80’s”

  16. Become? This “pandemic” has seen the greatest transfer of wealth in human history to the wealthiest and largest corporations. Look up the stats.

  17. How?
    Ban lobbying would be a good start but it would be impossible. The lobbyists would just pay off the politicians to vote against it. We can’t win. Ever.😐

  18. OF COURSE they know what they’re doing. These people are pure evil and honestly deserve to die a painful death. I’m tired of normal people giving these people the benefit of the doubt, like they’re all just a bunch of idiots. That is what they want you to think, so that when things ultimately get worse for you, they can just say “Sorry, guess it was a dumb idea…” NO! They know damn well they’re robbing everyone.

  19. You have them cold. They say what they WANT you to believe so that they can DO THE OPPOSITE of what you would want.

  20. the funny thing is even if they are really doing this for us, their employees or co-manager will see it in a more greedy way 😉

  21. @Kamil M. If Kamala Harris has her way I believe it will happen though. Think green new deal aka: screw job

  22. BTC gives power to the whales but not for average Joe who owns some BTC. But we can swim with them if price goes up over time. The power itself lies in other hands again, not in hard working people. Same same but different.

  23. @Go Free Yourself Very good points. Imo one of the biggest problem is that most people don’t believe that truly evil people exist, hence “normies” give evil people said benefit of the doubt ALL THE TIME. Mainstream entertainment and schooling systems brainwash us early on, so it’s quite difficult to rally people against this psychopathic slavery (and other things) that goes on.

  24. Agree completely. Not quite sure how they will do it but they will find a way to screw the common people. Buy Bitcoin 👍

  25. I wish they could think of perfect solutions that would solve the world’s problems with no one hurt, everyone richer, global warming averted, bad people punished for their sins. Everyone wins, yay!

  26. Yeah ..thats what the cov is all about …the great reset ..and believe me .. Bitcoin won’t help either…

  27. same thoughts! now that they can see the power of crypto/people ..they will try change policy.. yeah right

  28. @Marty R yea he is the best crypto expert. After your investment with him you would tell other about him too

  29. it’s pretty clear. she cited keynes multiple times. they want inflation. inflate away the new debt created. they want banks to lend more but banks instead raised the bar and are not lending. they want even lower interest rates. the machine is spiraling they don’t know what else to do but double down. this is mainly just saying “we want to debase your money even more so we are doubling down on the road the got us here in the first place” only way out will be to do the opposite. they want rampant inflation then u need to get assets that are deflationary and not tied to any one centralized place.

  30. @Darryl Lidelwhen bitcoin price hit maybe a million or More , AND we the people think we aré safe , satoshi aka (The Fed) Will crash the market with one million bitcoins. Media Will say , that thats whats happen when you Trust a decentralize currency. Then we all go to centralice digital currency.

  31. @Rolan Mogar so your saying satoshi is the fed and this has all been one big mind game ??😤😤 wtf i tought we finally found the 🔑 to freedom

  32. @To The Moon if you only a little bit think whats Happening right now isn’t quite right ..search for “the great reset” you’ll find plenty of stuff

  33. @Darryl Lidel its a theory But It makes Sense , It goes with helegian dialectic, AND I believe on this theory beacuse why Will satoshi hold one million coins , if not to destroy bitcoin.

  34. @Krabbanshand you are right nobody hired them the first time they just assumed role of authority. We have options with good cryptos or silver to not use the money they attempt to enslave us with.

  35. @busymountain Yeah I just sold part of my business just now and everything except what I need to develop my new project is going into crypto, some gold, and a small portion in stocks. Mainly BTC but I am also a big believer in privacy so XMR is getting a decent chunk too. There is a reason there is a payout for $650k + more to anyone who can crack Monero and track transactions 😉 BTC is still too transparent, but a good store of value. XMR is what I would choose to make transactions in. XMR is for me digital cash while bitcoin is my place to store what I don’t use.

  36. They can inflate the debt “away” but at what point with it return to debase the entire global economy? COVID is the perfect catalyst to set up this resolution which will inevitably be the foundation for later turmoil. Another interesting debate for crypto v. centralized banks

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