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Best Crypto Exchange – 0,08% Fees

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👍The New Kids On The Blockchain continue their quest for cryptocurrency knowledge with the next in their series of videos on PRIVACY CONIS with a conversation with Daniel Dabak from SAFEX.


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🔥SAFEX Privacy Coin Crypto News! 🔥Cryptocurrency News


  1. By popular demand we chat to Safex as we continue our Privacy Coin chats, comment below any other privacy coins you want us to speak to!

  2. Like Monero, but it has a built in anonymous/private market, faster tech, and actual government support (Serbia, USA)

  3. Definitely privacy coins used to be considered a way for people to make illegal transactions and purchases, but definitely they should be more accepted, IMO

  4. awesome! 🙂 i didn’t think this would happen so fast. thanks a lot for making this interview! and thanks to dan for taking the time to get on.

  5. Safex is currently the best investment in crypto world. Too bad not many people are selling. Everybody hodling safex bcos of the dividends 🙂

  6. Safex will rock people’s world when they see how revolutionary the marketplace will be. I’ve been waiting so long to be in a position where I can spend my cryptocurrency in an easy, convenient, and private way. I can’t wait to see all the goodies for sale I can buy with Safex Cash in just a few months time!

    Great video guys. I am now subscribed and look forward to the next video with Dan.

    All the best.

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