“Oh Wow! That’s A Large Claim!» 2019 GREAT Time To Buy Bitcoin! 👍[Murad’s Market Analysis]

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The Media’s Cringeworthy Coverage of Bitcoin’s Latest Price Surge

The Media’s Cringeworthy Coverage of Bitcoin’s Latest Price Surge

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Гэтая інфармацыя, што была знойдзена публічна ў Інтэрнэце. Гэтая інфармацыя магла б ужо падрабіць або скажоная ў Інтэрнэце. Уся інфармацыя прызначана для інфармавання грамадскасці і з'яўляецца грамадскім набыткам. Гэтая інфармацыя не прызначана для паклёпам шкоды або зганьбаваць любы з бакоў, якія ўдзельнічаюць, але каб паказаць, што было сказана праз свае ўліковыя запісы сацыяльных медыя. Калі ласка, вазьміце гэтую інфармацыю і рабіць свае ўласныя даследаванні.

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“Oh Wow! That’s A Large Claim!» 2019 GREAT Time To Buy Bitcoin! 👍[Murad's Market Analysis]

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  1. Also changed my stance on the 3rd of April. I’m very bulish from here. But I think that from here, we might drop down to no lower than $4,600 and refuel momentum for another push to around $6,000.

  2. I just want to ask these people like. Murad, tone vays, leah why these people wanted investors to get out of cryptos because of their negative views many even sold at losses .. Shame on these people

  3. Cool info..well in the scope of things..does it really matter if we buy in at 4000 or 5000..if our long term expectations are in the 100s of thousands over the next few yrs. Дзякуй!!

  4. I love who they are; but I also think they want to accumulate more by fooling masses to wait for the perfect buy or make them sell out of fear.

  5. the last BTC pump was 100% an April fools joke.. I mean do you not drop 200 million on a joke too?

    у гэтым выпадку, i think the media was the butt end of the joke….

  6. if BTC drops to those levels, they will not buy anymore.
    The majority of those who are waiting on the sideline right now, for sub 3k, sub 2k , sub 1k BTC, will lose faith and will be too scared to buy.
    They were too afraid making a mistake buying at 3k so they passed, they will feel the same at 2k and again at 1k. The lower it goes, the more it looks like crypto is dying for real, the less likely it is they buy.
    Only true emotionless crypto veterans and experts will buy at those levels (after such an insane drop all the way from 20k).
    I can promise you that!

  7. I heard CNBC gets 95% of their predictions wrong lmao you could probably do pretty well trading the exact opposite of everything they say.

  8. @Alex Carpenter part of me wonders if there are sentiment manipulators trying to convince as many people as they can to wait for the $2500 BTC that’s not coming so they miss the “gravy train.” The drop near $3K was manufactured for the wealthy not for us.

  9. Aynen ben bütün birikimimle Litecoin’e girdim 22dolar civarı şuan 4’e katladım birazını altcoinlere dağıttım umarım Bitcoine olan inancım beni zor duruma düşürmez bu arada indicator kullanıyormusun?

  10. JoshuaJameson would make sense, the wealthy are sharks and greed is a powerful force ,, they want the whole pie and for a short while the people will have an opportunity to get a slice and change their lives forever

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