Bakkt Will Bring BTC to $10,000 First Week Of November” 💥 [криптовалюта Навіны]

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Will Bakkt turn this market around or is there too much optimism?

Will Bakkt turn this market around or is there too much optimism? ад криптовалюта

Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin?

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Has Bitcoin Bottomed Out With its Last Dip at $6,200? Investors Optimistic


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"Bakkt Will Bring BTC to $10,000 First Week Of November" 💥 [криптовалюта Навіны]

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  1. Those of us engaged now and have an understanding of the potential forget about the lack of knowledge amongst the masses. I agree we are still early but every bump keeps closing investment Windows for the retail guys. Accumulate now!

  2. i remember when bitcoin hit about 1500 and thinkingwell..thats it, im too late to get in now, it already peakedoh how naive i wassuch a waste, not gonna let it happen again

  3. Bakkt, TD Ameritrade, вернасць, СВАЁ, the big players are getting in within the next few months. All the signs are there for an explosion in the crypto space. Thanks again for the video

  4. Thank you for the great video
    Crypto future is Bright u must be blind to dont see it
    I give it 5 гадоў…
    November is in couple of weeks will see what going to happan
    I think everyone is waiting some price to go up and to catch the train
    BTC bottom is 5800$ according to me if is go bellow will be great buying opportunity

  5. It’s funny to see how small the crypto space actually is compared to traditional markets. How small they compared to just the US markets, but yet there is so many things that are about to happen(TD Ameritrade, BAKKT, possible ETF, вернасць). If you can’t see that cryptos are about to launch past the Voyager 1 spacecraft then you are not paying attention.

  6. I really hope so, i pray because I am gonna lose too much if it stays down.. Yet the problem that when the regular stock market world gets involved may be a problem also. The NYSE is going to not purchase Bitcoin every time someone buys this they actually do not buy Bitcoin in general they paper trade, I hope bakkt does buy only BTC and does not trade it like they do Gold. They make Gold infinite

  7. +Altcoin Daily Being honest unlike most I can only risk 2 Bitcoin (tho I could get few more but fear it going tits up with my luck 😂😉). I do have 12,000 XRP. I’ve been holding off & waiting for Bitcoin to go lower & waking each morning holding my breath dreading the bull has sprouted wings and I missed out for sake of few quid (£3+). It’s gonna be a titanium wheelchair upgrade for me 🤝 & not the Aston Martin showroom 😭. Hey it’s good to dream tho 👍🏼👊🏼👌

  8. Considering the current market capitalization and other factors, it is probable prices may go on an up trend and you may or may not make any significant profit from buying. I got to this reality after buying and holding 4btc for almost a year and lost more than half in value. I started looking for options so after digging and researching deeply, i saw a comment section where a few talked about Daniel Plemons and his unique trade strategies. I was a little skeptical but then i decided to give it a short so i contacted him and he gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over holding. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns and within a month, i was able to make as much as 300% on my bitcoins. Daniel never ask me to give him access to my account and he would warned me against doing that with anybody as its a way many fakes use to defraud people. If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on *plemonsdani@gmail or Telegram/Whatsapp (+1 631 992 9473)*

  9. Thanks for uplifting content in your vid, Having been in crypto since late feb, it’s felt an age since then.
    гэта сведчыць, had I been close to break even I might have cashed out early. So being in the red for this long may actually be a blessing………… I do believe we are still early, and the change for the better is not far away. 🙂

  10. Fidelity news is huge as well. Even if the MC went to 1 trill, a lot of 2018 hodlers would be very happy. A lot of talk as well of the traditional markets crashing harder than 2008. Could possibly see a lot of liquid pumping across to crypto?

  11. я думаю…that if the traditional market crashes hard then people will be too scared to invest in crypto. But small crashes might be good for crypto holders.

  12. John if you buy what you can afford to lose and buy on the dip you will be good. Might want to invest a little in XRP as well. Just my 2 цэнтаў. Good luck brother!

  13. Loads of people are in your same boat. That’s why you don’t invest more than you can afford. Good luck and dollar cost avg in this time around

  14. +Armand Eicker I was 14 at the time and asked my mom if I could invest all my savings, but she denied. I would have been rich by now if she let me.

  15. ха-ха, came to comments to find this one. Bitcoin’s biggest asset is also it’s biggest enemy. It’s a disruptive technology, which is fine, but the problem is there’s a thousand other’s fighting to disrupt bitcoin. Cryptos are the way of the future, but the sad truth is they won’t have their day until they are adopted by the central banksthe very thing they set out to disrupt in the first place.

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