$10B TRON TRX PARTNERSHIP? WaltonChain Bitcoin SpankChain RuneScape Ethereum & Crypto Навіны

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$10B TRON TRX PARTNERSHIP? WaltonChain Bitcoin SpankChain RuneScape Ethereum & Crypto Навіны

24 каментары

  1. If this was the stock market, justin sun would have been targeted, fined an force to resign for a tweet like this! THAT TWEET IS ILLEGAL IN TRADITIONAL MARKET! PUMP & DUMP

  2. I am not a fan of tron but i bought a few, at the price its at now even if it hits 50 cents i make a few dollars, if it don’t oh well i just lose a weeks lunch moneywhats the worse that can happen..

  3. Trons partnership will be a let down either way. Its always 10x the hype, then its like, oh, that was it?? I’ll take the pony, if its a crypto pony so Vitalik can cry over more than just kittys LOL

  4. I hear vitallek is leaving crypto..

    Apparently the word on the yellow brick road is that eth is not worth buying and to stay away being that once he’s gone.. the value is going to drop..

    Due diligence and all that.. and if it’s true.. hoping the market flips over to Tron as the new eth.

  5. Jack Maretiredand Chinese relationships are not quite the same as those in the West.

    I honestly am not thinking much about this partnership, not without details that likely will never spill out.

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