$10,000 Bitcoin By November According To BitMEX’s CEOIs It Possible? [Crypto Навіны]

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BitMEX’s CEO Suggest That Bitcoin Will See Green Wave in 2019, Surge to $10,000

Decrypt Guide: The future of Bitcoin
Upcoming Bitcoin updates focus on privacy, the size of the blockchain and seamless integration with the Lightning Network.

Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity

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Гэтая інфармацыя, што была знойдзена публічна ў Інтэрнэце. Гэтая інфармацыя магла б ужо падрабіць або скажоная ў Інтэрнэце. Уся інфармацыя прызначана для інфармавання грамадскасці і з'яўляецца грамадскім набыткам. Гэтая інфармацыя не прызначана для паклёпам шкоды або зганьбаваць любы з бакоў, якія ўдзельнічаюць, але каб паказаць, што было сказана праз свае ўліковыя запісы сацыяльных медыя. Калі ласка, вазьміце гэтую інфармацыю і рабіць свае ўласныя даследаванні.

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$10,000 Bitcoin By November According To BitMEX's CEOIs It Possible? [Crypto Навіны]

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  1. Nice one! I’m pretty clueless as to where the Bitcoin price will go on the short term but I’m very bullish over the next couple years. I’m an old Prepper, silver stacking, sound money guy and I love how resistant bitcoin is to government seizure and censorship. Centralized (elite captured) governments have been too powerful for too long. They have killed way too many people and destroyed far too many lives. We badly need to have their power decreased about, preferably about 80% from where we are currently. Bitcoins and crypto technology could help us starve the beast and return freedom to the system. When we have freedom prosperity soon follows but when government control increases we get more poverty, corruption and misery, until the system fails and then we have government driven mass murder and starvation.

  2. Aaron, your intro cracked me up! I can’t speak for Mr. Youtube himself, but Altcoin Daily is my favorite channel! Btw, if you send me 1 BTC, I will be more than happy to send you a plaque to verify that. Happy Sunday & thanks for the video 😎

  3. Don’t be down on ADA, it’s one of the only sure-thing amazing investment opportunities out there. A platform like that, when running fully, cannot stay at “цэнтаў”. It will be “даляраў”.

  4. I used to think bear market was the worst thing ever but now after being in it for so long I actually don’t mind because it means I can just accumulate more and more I want my portfolio to be worth millions next bull run as opposed to couple hundred thousand.. and bear market allows that possibility to happen! Keep accumulating!

  5. I agree with you. Of all the Altcoins out there ADA seems pretty robust to me. It’s a close second on my portfolio (after bitcoin).

  6. i dont know btc in few mounth, but i belive halving be catalist for skyrocket cz history is big chance for repeat

  7. Didnt watch the video but he also said 50k by des 2018. We were at 3k. He is pumping his exchange.

  8. Any comments onBiteBTC”? Check how it influences price shown by coinmarketcap on many Alts these days

  9. I adopted this stragedy too. Buying buying💰 I’m in this for life changing. 😀 not a nice vacation

  10. +Debra Elkins yep i sold 15 of them at 17 racks during last bull run i still got a nice amount left. Even tho coins was a scam i was able to make 33 bitcoins off it in like months before it went down smh .I am holding to the moon this time

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