Bitcoin Ready To Move Again? | Debt Bubble | Stocks Stabilizing?

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بيتكوين التحليل الفني & بيتكوين أخبار اليوم: Bitcoin at low volume usualy means the Bitcoin price want to move. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also look at the stock market and the consumer debt bubble. شاهد الفيديو لتتعلم اكثر!

0:52 بيتكوين TA
7:50 Ethereum TA
9:33 تحليل السوق العام
10:38 التشفير الأخبار
12:04 Consumer Debt Bubble

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⚡Lightning Network at the SenateCounterargument to Roubini’s speech that Bitcoin can never scale to serve the planet من عند بيتكوين


Bitcoin Ready To Move Again? | Debt Bubble | Stocks Stabilizing?

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  1. كارل, After All The Video I Have Been Watching Your video is most realistic, however I don’t think the price will go up yet just becouse the high institution have a big buying order and for their high buying order volume to be filled , they will need huge sell out volume ….which should come from shortening from investors and fear from newbie.

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