Bitcoin PUMP When Tether Collapses? | حبل “Proof Of Funds”? | Fidelity Digital Assets

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بيتكوين التحليل الفني & بيتكوين أخبار اليوم: The Tether (Ushdt) controversy continues. The Bitcoin price on Bitfinex has still a big spread. Is Tether collapsing, and is the Tether conspiracy theory true? The Tether company posted a "Proof of funds" on their website, and I'll take a look at that. أيضا, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction and see if the Tether price can affect the Bitcoin price. شاهد الفيديو لتتعلم اكثر!

0:51 The Tether Conspiracy
14:41 التشفير الأخبار

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Bitcoin PUMP When Tether Collapses? | Tether "Proof Of Funds"? | Fidelity Digital Assets

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  1. I was wondering that too when the spread was 700$. But found you actually need big amounts to get any significant profit out and make it worthwhile most of it due to spreads and fees. Would like to see Carl’s opinion on this and I suggested in previous video too.

  2. just let u know, carl. Binance was the first ex to launch tusd together with bittrex several months ago. And I believe OKex has already launch usdc, gusd, tusd, إلخ. في الماضي 24 ساعات.

  3. because then the attacking central banks can pressure the known targets not to deal with any crypto nor give anybody freedom to do business outside their monopoly control .. SO SIMPLE but people too afraid to admit they are slaves of the banking oligarch.. much simpler to blame the exchange LOL

  4. Depends on if thether will get back up, given the information we javr this is close to gambling if you want go but I am not so aure if Tether would stabilise as if they really wanyed to show that their coin is fully backed they would have drawn a report from today not 4 montha ago.Though if you think about thia might amd most likely is a manipulation for whales and inatitutions to get cheaper dollar.Tether doeamt seem concerned enough toe to be afraid of the coin exploding

  5. With the way the market is going, it’s easy to get discouraged. I’m lucky I have Mrs Emillie Smith who makes trades for me on her platform. I highly advise everyone to make use of this wonderful trading system.

  6. See how obvious that you are of centralist communist statist philosophy because it should be WE ALL RUN the economy i.e. FREE MARKET.. but that’s the problem with you sheep you just keep BUYING THE LIES ..of totally weaponized media. Just too weak to find out the real world. We also know and have proof that branches of intel have actively suppressed the evidence of shooting hoaxes.. They actually were busted red handed via xstart glitch and post to various forums giving up who they are and some instructions how to disinform the public via troll agents.. So what I’m saying is WAKE THE F UP the agencies in charge are not working for you broh. I am MY AGENDA is freedom not some wacked out agenda of oppression and human sacrifice.

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