Bitcoin PUMP Followed By Correction? | Politicians That Are Pro-Bitcoin!

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بيتكوين التحليل الفني & بيتكوين أخبار اليوم: Is the Bitcoin price set for a correction? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. أيضا, I'll talk about Eva Kaili, the Greek MEP in the UE Parliament, she is bullish on Blockchain and Bitcoin, and I will talk about a few more politicians that are pro-Bitcoin. شاهد الفيديو لتتعلم اكثر!

1:05 بيتكوين التحليل الفني
8:04 Stock Market TA
10:12 بيتكوين & التشفير الأخبار
11:58 السياسيون الصاعد
17:06 Bitcoin In Venezuela & Financial Crisis

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1075 BTC in the last 7 days have been traded in VenezuelaA New Record

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Bitcoin PUMP Followed By Correction? | Politicians That Are Pro-Bitcoin!

29 تعليقات

  1. Institutional money == no more crazy swings, no more crazy losses, no more crazy gains, longer bull runs and longer bear runs and longer boring runs.
    Those who don’t study nowadays how market works, are going to be very disappointed. It’s not just rainbows and unicorns .

  2. Look at biggest charts as example weekly, who really cares about 15 min chart and bear flag adding on top of thataaah trading and TA seems that it curves from the past and many wrong patterns have been shared these days between everyone.

    However respect to you Carl and everyone

  3. So much BS. If people were fleeing into BTC and Institutions were buying this thing would be flying up. The market too small to absorb all this so called buying and not move up. Not talking 200pts either.

  4. Catmotherno more crazy gains”? Go back to economics and study supply/demand curves. What happens in 2020 when bitcoin production rate goes down by half then? And also institutions are fleeing from fiat currencies? It’s not rocket science.

  5. Mr Elite
    For institutions that have millions of dollars 1% gains are pretty attractive. It’s gonna be much harder for average Joes to make 1000$ بعيدا عن المكان 100$ in short time like nowadays.
    The bigger the market the longer it takes for those gains to be made. This is not a rocket science either

  6. +James Magee a digital market connected to every phone in the world driven by emotion of people i would seriously expect a few massive bull runs the next few years its common sense really

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