Bitcoin Going Sideways | Economic Collapse Update | Homebuilders Index In A Bear Market

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بيتكوين التحليل الفني & بيتكوين أخبار اليوم: When is Bitcoin going to breakout? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. أيضا, I'll talk about the coming economic collapse and more specifically the debt crisis. The homebuilder's index is in a bear market already, is this a sign of the coming stock market crash? شاهد الفيديو لتتعلم اكثر!

0:27 بيتكوين التحليل الفني
6:05 Homebuilders Bear Market

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Bitcoin Going Sideways | Economic Collapse Update | Homebuilders Index In A Bear Market

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  1. I wondered why you compared Gold to the Current US stock market recently, when you also showed how overheated that appears. If the overall relative value of Russell and other measures you indicated is neutral or falling further and not as inflated, does Gold still standout in that comparison as well? Thanks for great trading summaries.

  2. Karl, You are anticipating economic collapse as the system is rigged by financial institutions, yet you are excited when one of these institutions take interest in Bitcoin, shouldn’t they stay away?

  3. For future ease of conversion I offer the following terms on the basis of 1 Wilson = 20k XRP.

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  4. Hee Carl, I’m watching your video’s for many months now. I really like how you connect the economy with crypto. It separates you from all the other youtubers. Keep up the nice work. في صحتك!

  5. As Alessio Rastani points out, the technical indicators measure and predict the psychology of all the players in a given market, including the psychology of the manipulators. The only time to disregard the indicators would be if a previously unmanipulated market suddenly started to be manipulated.

  6. Yes another beauty Carl. Another one. I can’t wait for this downturn again. Many investors want to sell their real estate in order to get out of debt. That is when I take advantage of their distress and purchase at a lower price. I will own many houses by the time the market rises steadily slowly.

    I also will keep crypto as a huge resource for this downturn. :> always think ahead even if it never happens. That way you will be prepared for nothing, or be unprepared for everything.

  7. As you mentioned on the housing market section, I actually see a LOT of places in Mexico (and saw quite a bit in the US at the beginning of year) that were actually being SOLD instead of being bought. نعم فعلا, some places were being built but it was actually the majority rather than the minority. It is interesting why the mainstream media continue to try to sell this idea that everything is fine. When they do that, it’s usually a sign to run for the hills because the collapse is coming. Great job, كارل! 😀 I would like to hear you opinion around other crypto like XRP, LTC, BCH and ETH, pretty please!

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