Bitcoin Falling, Bear Flag Incoming? | Wyoming Embracing Cryptocurrencies

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Bitcoin Falling, Bear Flag Incoming? | Wyoming Embracing Cryptocurrencies

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  2. Nice TA, move was exactly as you predicted. After the Christmas the pattern has now worked exactly twice. Do it work third time also? So do we see soon bart simpson move to down?

    We seems to have lower highs and lower lows, but range is getting tighter. So after 2 weeks bigger breakout form the wedge?

  3. You don’t know how much I appreciate and look forward to listening to your videos each day. أنت, my friend, are one smart dude. Knowledge is power 💪💪💪
    I just want to say thank you and keep doing good things

  4. Thanks for the update Carl. I think a lot of investors are becoming smarter with trading BTC and sitting on their hands. Waiting for a lot of green volume to come in to give them confidence to enter the market. This last green candle didn’t bring about any fomo buying. 700 Billion dollars got wiped out last year. That money is somewhere and I think some of it going to come back when we least expect it. Maybe we have hit bottom? Maybe now is the time before the storm?

  5. Lucky i sell at 3710 at binance..😂
    I Told you Traders we are still at the Long Bear Market..! Anytime BTC Bounce SELL..! Take that Profit and Buy back when you see a strong signal to go up very easy FUD your Emotions…!😂😂😂

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