Bitcoin BUBBLE POP BELOW $10K NEXT?! 🛑-LIVE تشفير تحليل تجارة & BTC عملة معماة الأسعار أخبار

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هو بيتكوين (BTC) price potentially going to bubble pop below $10K, في رأيي?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + التنبؤ سعر المضاربة(الصورة) + تيار 2019 market news for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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تنصل: محتوى المشمولة في هذا الفيديو / بث مباشر لا ينبغي اعتبار المشورة في مجال الاستثمار. أنا لست مستشارا ماليا. هذه ليست سوى آرائي الشخصية, أفكار, speculative hypotheses, الرسوم البيانية, التحليل الفني (TA), أفكارا, المنشورات الأخبار برعاية والتنبؤ السعر(الصورة) إلى عن على 2019 وما وراءها. أنا لن أقول لك ما يجب القيام به مع رأس المال الخاص, الصفقات أو الاستثمارات. أنا أيضا لا أنصح لك لشراء أو بيع أي أصول. دائما إجراء البحوث الخاصة بك وفقط تستثمر فقط بناء على النتائج الخاصة بك والحكم الشخصي. تجارة و / أو الاستثمار في بيتكوين (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other type of cryptocurrency, altcoin or asset of any kind is extremely high risk and the market + price of any asset can crash or rise unpredictably at any time! Cryptos متقلبة بشكل لا يصدق! You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any asset/commodity/etc. هذا الفيديو / بث مباشر هو محض لأغراض الترفيه فقط! —

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Bitcoin BUBBLE POP BELOW $10K NEXT?! 🛑-LIVE تشفير تحليل تجارة & BTC عملة معماة الأسعار أخبار

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  1. Last week my recommended video tab was nothing but moonboy videos about how we are going to 100k, and howThis rally is DIFFERENT!!” أو “10 million dollar BITCOIN BY 2021”.

    Not today though LOL!

  2. I closed everything at 11.8 because of Kirby. Gotta respect the man.
    فعلا, today I was about to reopen a bit at 10.2k, worried I’d have to get in later when it swings back up, near my exit point.
    After listening to this and looking at the charts, it makes so much sense I feel stupid I was thinking of buying.

  3. I believe we will retrace to 7 إلى 8 k consolidate for several months then retest new highs. I believe the trend is bullish over all. But im short since 11200 when that decending triangle was clearly going to break down. I feel bullish but i dont let my feeling dictate my trades. Iv learned to look at the charts. Might not be as good as kirbs but iv learned alot from you. You have made/saved me 10s of thousands.

  4. The chart does now look very similar to the classic market cycle, deja vu from the December 2017 blow off top doesn’t it? & as don don said the buy volume doesn’t seem to be there ATM. CME futures gap still likely to be filled. Great opportunities here. Glad I took profit at an opportune time. Thanks Kirbs. دعونا الحصول على هذا التشفير!

  5. The buy volume just aint doing it no matter how much the moon boys preach accumulation!! Plus the monthly candles have been bullish for the last 5months. This happened in 2017 from April to August then September was a bearish month. We’ve started July bearish could it last till August like in 2017? Just pointing out the similarities in the pattern, still a newbie only a couple months old on the Kirby train😅 learning a lot

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