Bitcoin Breakout Through This Line?! | Bitcoin vs. Central Banks [Bitcoin Today]

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تحليل بيتكوين & بيتكوين, Crypto News Today: I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I also make some Ethereum technical analysis on the Ethereum price. علاوة على ذلك, in this video, I'll talk about the money 20/20 event in Amsterdam, where central banksters have been talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. What did they say? Watch the video to find out!

1:00 بيتكوين التحليل الفني
9:58 Ethereum Technical Analysis
12:39 التشفير الأخبار (Central Banks vs. بيتكوين)

20/20 هدف: HTTPS://
Cointelegraph Central Banks: HTTPS://

Bitcoin Breakout Through This Line?! | Bitcoin vs. Central Banks [Bitcoin Today]

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  1. نعم فعلا, the news is a very welcome addition. Carl’s perspective on the world, and especially the banks, is always an entertaining listen!

  2. I love this channel and I daily visit it to get the newest chart analysis and explanations. You’re doing a great job and your videos are a part of my daily lifevery good job, كارل!

  3. Good morning Carl! Thank you for another great video. At the end of June do you expect a major dip in price of eth, With tronix leaving the platform?

  4. I like everything you do Carl. You have opened my eyes to fractional-reserve banking. I also love it when you give us an update on the Dow Jones and its impending correction. How do you like Metaverse ETP?

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