Bitcoin Breakout Soon?

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بيتكوين التحليل الفني & بيتكوين أخبار اليوم: Is the Bitcoin price going to breakout son? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. شاهد الفيديو لتتعلم اكثر!

0:35 الدعم & مقاومة
3:18 RSI & Stoch
6:01 Breakdown??
9:02 POLLS!
19:29 تحليل السوق العام

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  1. You’re a solid dude Carl! Thanks for all your hard work. It’s very appreciated!! Good insight in all of finances too. We got to prepare for the reality of future and capitalize on the gainzzz!!!

  2. This pattern is consistent. Sharp drops down to supportthe a staircase climb up to lower and lower resistance then sharp drop.

    This confirms whales are selling down to support levels. Speculators and nationals getting money out of the country (iran zimbabwe venezuela nigeria) cause the staircase climb and whales trying to liquidate their huge stores of wealth cause sudden drops.

    Thus shows that there will not be a bull run for years while whale positions get liquidated.

    The end game is the whales go to zero. وفى الوقت نفسه… knowing this pattern money can be made on shorts etc

  3. It a;so has something to do with sentiment. People are changing their sentiment from bearish to bullish when a bull market is about to start. Look at the Wall Street Cheat Sheet. We are somewhere between Depression and Hope.

  4. Thanks Carl, I try to always catch your daily videos. Keep up the good work. We’re in a crypto lull (sideways) right now but I have a feeling pretty soon we’re going to have some action!

  5. Bitcoin is DEAD folks! Sermon will be held on Sunday at 11 ال’ clock. Ripple shills are also welcome, but beware that you are adviced to stay quiet through out the entire seremony.

  6. The bull is still far far away because those poll results are so positive and even Carl is still so positive about starting bull. When those poll results are reversed and Carl is at least neutral about btc price then we might get some bullin.

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