Xtrade.io ICO CEO Alexander Kravets Interview

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Today I talked with Alexander Kravets the CEO of Xtrade.io. Their ICO is aiming to bring institutional grade tools to the cryptocurrency market.

Check it out – HTTPS://xtrade.io/
Get in touch – HTTPS://t.me/xtradecommunity

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Xtrade.io ICO CEO Alexander Kravets Interview

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  1. The only thing that worries me is the fact big institutions want to control volatility. True volatility is what makes us rich. We don’t want Bitcoin to stop losing it’s big swings and go sideways. It will force us to trade more and ppl will get eatin up in the chop.

  2. ….. so the people with more crypto get the discount? Whale hunting?

    Not sure the banks being considered a good thing in the space is the best idea IMO

    Loved the info though. بفضل قبرة!!!

  3. use 3rd party banks? really he just said that?. no thanks,i dunno did i hear that right send crypto to the bank? and they send to exchange? هو 7;30 am here so i may have heard wrong but,i dont think I did….let me know in the comment section below LOL,, #NOSHAVETILL20K crypto lark nation

  4. Its a poor mans version of QASH. QASH is way further ahead in terms of development and when they release the world book it will explode. Oh, and QASH will also be POS with masternodes!

  5. He is referring to traditional markets and what happens in the equity market now. It means that the exchange doesnt have control over your funds but a third party. I dont think he is saying that banks will hold your crypto, but if you are trading in FIAT then the banks move money from bank account to bank account instead of exchange to exchange.

  6. Xtrade is the name of an already successful and established CFD Exchange from Cypruswith almost the same Logocurious how their lawyers will react to this obvious branding clone..

  7. Love the channel, Lark but would be very interested to hear about what you feel are the top coins you would be investing in long-term? What do you think are the most promising projects that have the most staying power? If you were putting a portfolio together of more conservative and aggressive positions, what would be in it? شكر!

  8. thats not what iam saying thatthe bankwill hold your crypto.he is saying sending to the banks and they send to the exchange.being the 3 rd party,,, dunno bout fiat not interested in that issue, but I do think he is saying banks used as a 3rd party,,with your crypto.in the end they aretryingto get control in any way they can, cheers thanks for your opinion

  9. I am very glad you announced, at the beginning, who the ICO was available to and who it is not, instead of waiting till the end, as most people do. I still wanted to know about the Xtrade token, so I watched till the end, because if I like the project, I can just add it to my: Wait Till Exchange List”, and buy it. But if I, for some reason, didnt want to buy it because it will not be a to US citizens, then I can just stop watching at the beginning, and not have to watch the whole video, and then find out at the end of the video, that I cant buy it.

  10. I raise question marks when onlyaccredited investorscan invest into an ICO. I saw Xtrade and was all excited about investing into it. But I have not made 200k annually in the last 2 years and my net worth is not 1M.
    This project is for BIG MONEY and when all the little guys are buying the tokens guess who’s selling to them at a premium???

  11. It’s not the same as QASH. It’s an desktop application that connects with multiple exchanges. making it possible for traders to do heavy and fast trading (like wallstreet)

  12. two worlds, one screen. I personally count myself to theweird worldwhere Dr. Lark is probably from, so I usually don’t deal with guys like Alexander, no disrespecticum, but I don’t see ethical value over here, just the good old dudes helping other dudes shuffling money around real fast to make more money. dat’s some real inception-money right thurrr akahyperbank the banked”. 😉 nothing against money though pèr sé, but I’d need only 12k € to live dat g00d laif. ya diiiiig? so maybe I should invest after all. ;-///

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