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XRP Gets Listed As Base Pair On Australia-based Cryptocurrency Exchange, BTCEXA

XRP Gets Listed As Base Pair On Australia-based Cryptocurrency Exchange BTCEXA


Unibright Update and Interview – Community Speaks

Unibright Update and InterviewCommunity Speaks

Unibright and Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb: Ecosystem Tokenization via Blockchain

The beta version of the Unibright Framework is now opened to the public


Altcoin Buzz Claus Collectible

XRP, Unibright UBT and more – عملة معماة الأخبار

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  1. Most of the people think that Bitcoin won’t be the first mover and it is most likely to be XRP. not a financial Advice. It has remained strong even Bitcoin dropped.

  2. Populous *PPT* , FoodCoin *FOOD* and *THETA* token are the best crypto projects so far! *FoodCoin* Very Good. Slow (Biggest gains to come between 1 إلى 4 سنوات). I can see this will be great. They are really seriously trying to do this. It’s just a matter of time and all challenges that go with it. They are going to do it and this makes me happy because there are also humanitarian/relief benefits too. *Theta* Very Good, Slow and steady for next 5 سنوات. على $1,000 في 4 سنوات. على 4,000% increase in medium term (4 إلى 12 الشهور) from when I announced it at 13 سنتا. So yes I believe that it will be over $5.00 in next 12 الشهور (which is 4,000%). Theta isn’t something that’s going to be this super quick big pay right now. Theta is like the turtle…slowly but surely, it inches its way up. Theta is the one that I see further down the road that just blows up, and people didn’t see it coming. People that have it now or get it and hold on are going to be amazed. The people who just sit on it and wait are sitting on a goldmine. And it’s my favorite for the people because even those who do not have large disposable incomes or large sums of money to invest can still obtain a large enough amount to change their lives! *BUY MORE AND HODL!*

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