XRP – الشيء الوحيد اللازمة لجعلها تنفجر

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Ripple's Xcurrent gets another use case, and XRP exchange pairings increase to bring liquidity, and a possible 2019 catalyst.



Ripple’s XRP Maintaining Position Above $0.5000 Against USD – ناسداك


Crypto Whales Move Millions in XRP, Plus Bitcoin, Ethereum, ترون, تموج, Litecoin, بيتكوين النقدية, ذرة: التشفير أخبار فلاش

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XRP – الشيء الوحيد اللازمة لجعلها تنفجر

38 تعليقات

  1. Make no mistake, the banks love the XRP token. They know only a non-agnostic token will work for settlement between banks worldwide. Do not expect a formal banking announcement about banks adopting XRP. Any hint about banks worldwide adopting XRP would send the price of the token to $20 or more overnight. They would rather have the weak hands sell all they have for mere cents which many already have. ال 60 billion XRP currently held in escrow are destine for banks, that was the intention all along. This is a banking platform and banking token. It wasn’t meant for us. Those smart enough recognize owning XRP is the equivalent of owning shares in the Federal Reserve back in 1913 when only a few people got that same opportunity. Christine Largarde of the IMF has openly talked about a new world financial system replacing the existing system in 2019. She has also met extensively with Ripple. If you’re in this game to make money it’s foolish not to hold XRP.

  2. بلى, same here, my first buys were BTC, XRP, VIEW, and DGBstill trade XRP from time to time, hold XEM, and have never rebought or traded Digibyte since those days

  3. I’m no expert and anyone reading should DYOR, but last time I checked this has always been the prediction based on the usability of the platform. There was little incentive to use the XRP token. Not a fan of Ripple or XRP but don’t want to see anyone get burned. Seeing the massive shilling that XRP gets in MSM is enough for me to stay away. That in conjunction with the ties to banks and the company Ripple.

  4. XCurrent is now integrated with XRapid via Multi hop function. This was announced months ago. A client can start with XCurrent and the transaction xan settle via XRapid. They run seamless together.

  5. Please do some research before speaking. You sound as if you just regurgitated some FAKE NEWS that was forced down your throat. It’s ok to be wrong. Lots of interesting projects out there but Ripple XRP is light years ahead.

  6. It seems banks are more interested in Ripple technology but, the actual usage of XRP still not clear in case banks opt Ripple and plan to use their own crypto currency. I wish my XRP bags to reach ATH👍🏻

  7. +The Crypto Lark yes you are correct. The banks will have an option to save 40%-70% or not. Regulatory clarity is on the way as you mentioned. Buckle up!! Love your content Crypto Lark!!

  8. WXRP in Cincinattithe radio station that tells you about cryptocurrency all the time. They celebrate Thanksgiving with an airdrop of Bitconnect. “God as my witness, I thought Bitconnnneeeect could fly”.

  9. Ripple and XRP have made serious ground in a seriously short period of time. As you mentioned we can speculate all we want but until we see adoption of the token the price ain’t gunna move much. I do believe though that XRP is miles ahead of other coins and that is enough for me.
    Great video brother and thanks!

  10. “ال 60 billion XRP currently held in escrow are destine for bankssorry to jump in but this is partly false. Original white paper states. “Ripple Labs plans to gift 55 million XRP to charitable organizations, Users, and strategic partners.But then again how much can you trust them. “Dont trust, التحقق”.
    Archived Whitepaper here. Also Proves that XRP is a security. Investors beware. Why do we even need bank coins Bitcoin makes them irreverent.

  11. I hold XRP because of the ‘just in casescenario which you describe. I second your point in that if you’re in this game to make money do not let this opportunity pass you by. With the hype it often gets, it seems unlikely that XRP will fall massively in value over the next few months, so what have you got to lose?

  12. +SiLo Mixing and Mastering You were probably one of the same dudes calling XRPovervaluedat under a penny. I’ve talked to many of you guys over the years. Most have gone silent. In order for XRP to work as intended for world settlement between banks, the token will need a value considerably higher than $20. You won’t be laughing when it happens, I’m not guessing at that man.

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