Why You NEED TO INVEST In Bitcoin Now, Before It Takes OffThe Billionaires Are, Why Aren’t You?

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Why You NEED TO INVEST In Bitcoin Now, Before It Takes OffThe Billionaires Are, Why Aren’t You?

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  1. Stay away from bitcoin it’s old tech and slow, only one option to invest that’s XRP it’s the banks coin and it’s going to dominate, simple fact.

  2. Still waiting and have been waiting since December last year. Do the institutional investors expect to make quick money? Hope not as they too will be waiting.

  3. Metalmogul46 I think you answered your own question. They are just going to wait until people are done panic selling. Once things start to drift sideways they will probably start showing up

  4. Yes everyone invest in bitcoin now and then when its 3k next week just remember tech crack house sent you to rekt City ladies and gentleman. Shout out to James at the water-cooler!

  5. Better to invest in Altcoins (Steem NEO etc.- working projects) as they have crashed 90% so when Bull Run starts you will make much more return than investing in BTC

  6. If you like BTC, then you got to love LocalCoinSwap (LCS) because their shareholder owned exchange will be launched by the end of August. They will start with 20 coins/tokens (mostt of the leaders) and trade against leading fiats.

  7. Waiting for the final capitulation before I add more fiat to what I’ve already got. This isn’t easy and trying to chart movements is like holding onto a slippery fish.

  8. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have taken over the world by storm. Goldman Sachs and other central banks all over the world have realized they cannot fight against Bitcoin and other Alt coins. They are especially afraid that you’ll see this SHOCKING video. Visit Here *4BitcoinMoney. Com* To Watch The Video

  9. those altcoins are more risky and are not for people playing with a lot of money if your broke and only have 100 dollars to play with and u wanna gamble sure go ahead buy neo and other crap long term investors who have 10 grand 100 grand millions to play with are not looking to gamble with neo and other altcoins they are long term holders of bitcoinEthereum and monero is the only other crypto currencys I would consider playing with other then bitcoin long term

  10. bro you will be waiting a long time don’t wait for them to open crypto just transfer some funds to your bank and transfer to coinbase its really easy and simple as that

  11. Institutions are spending BILLIONS on infrastructure. When that is completed look out. For instance ICE and BAKKT. Launches in November. They have been working on this for the past 14 الشهور.

  12. Jan Antonie Bánki honestly though, what if it hits a million per bitcoin one day. It will be worth it to put a couple on the line just in case. If it doesn’t happen you only lose like 4 grand.

  13. Chill dude, this is a long term game. Be patient and wait it out. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Hold onto 1 bitcoin now and sometime down the line you will realize it was the most intelligent decision you ever made.

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