Why We HODL Cryptocurrency #HODL Proof of The Power of Patience

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In this video I outline, why I am always recommending people to hold their positions and not be so quick to sell. Especially not sell for a LOSS. In a bull market if you are selling for a loss, you might just be lacking the patience required to see the returns on your investment.

Why We HODL Cryptocurrency #HODL Proof of The Power of Patience

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  1. I have not sold any of my coins. I hold: XRP, XVG, WHERE, SAFEX, ADA, EET, DOGE and EMB. ALL of them are up overall since I bought them. I have also noticed that most coins no matter what, get a spot in the sun. HOLDING is the way to go. Panicking is a result of putting in money You cant afford. DONT put money youre not willing to lose, you will see its easier to hold.

  2. شكر. Only problem is everything is going up in this GORILLA market, Yes HODL does work but lots of times the coins U r not holding is going sky high on u then u feel like switching places, If u do that make sure keep 20 % for the future bcuz if u sell all of it them u will regret it some day. ZCL, XRP going to the moon & I am so glad I kept some. I sold DASH at $150 and Monero at $55, That’s how I learned to always keep few, Just in case. Awesome Video !!

  3. love sub bought a few hundred k of those when it was around 10 سنتا

    i expect this to go to $10 إلى $30 this year even the ceo said atleast $30 بواسطة 2018

  4. Jacob Roberts paccoin is a people coin and soon after the swap will have a 3,4 billion circulating supply . أعلى 5 coin Q3 2018 . Nothing will beat this project , hope whalles stay away

  5. I took your advice and was looking on Coinmarketcap for my next runner and saw EmberCoin… 10 min later you made a video and briefly mentioned it so I went for it. I owe you a very nice dinner Sir lol

  6. Jake R98 I started a month ago and I’m learning as I go, there’s plenty opportunity out there for you,. Look at cheap ones that are legit, good luck

  7. OMG this was me! Sounds like you might have left coins on the exchange? If it helps, you can look at your email address and check the emails from the exchanges you signed up for. Once on the exchanges you can see your balances/trade history etc.

    أكثر أهمية: I HIGHLY recommend sending everything to your Ledger nano s ASAP!

  8. tomas rajman I’ve been watching Reddcoin for a while. Just yesterday it rosed from a major support level on the Daily Chart which was .00000066 and today it rose to .00000090 and now fluctuating in the upper .00000080الصورة. I think this coin a great long term HODL

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