Why I Invest in BlockchainAltcoin Buzz Cryptocurrency Podcast *Coming Soon*

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In this video I outline why I invest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as discuss the up and coming Podcast that we will be starting at Altcoin Buzz, where we will also be inviting people from the Altcoin Army to participate in the discussions.

Why I Invest in BlockchainAltcoin Buzz Cryptocurrency Podcast *Coming Soon*

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  1. Hey guys, thank you for LIKING and WATCHING this video. Let us know your thoughts about the direction of the ALTCOIN ARMY and keeping up with us on our Podcast. We look to talk about the days most relevant content to open up the discussion among the community. Share your thoughts in the comments below about some ideas you would like to introduce to us.

  2. Really like the Altcoin Army but I’m gonna keep it “real” the only reason I’m here is to listen to Jeff. It would be nice if you all included who was talking in the title. Nothing against the others who are doing a great job on this channel, it’s just that me and some others have just got here listening to Jeff.

  3. This is what we need more of. Not just talking about crypto, but giving social commentary and relating to WHY we are putting ourselves into this market. I’m tired of wallowing in obligatory debt. Life needs to be more than just scraping the bottom forever and owing money to old people who manipulated it from us until the day I die.

  4. Jeff you hit the nail on the head. I’m an ER Nurse with a substantial amount of student loan debt. I worked during college to pay rent, food, إلخ…. I’m in this market because I believe in this technology and I want to pay off my student loan debt. Let’s get it altcoin army!

  5. Hey, جيف. Could make a video of the specific coins you consider to be long-term and short-term? People have different opinions, and based on what I’ve researched, some people/friends/family say they are short-term, even though I think they are long-term, and vice versa. What are your thoughts on your coins?

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